The Moon Princess and the Demon Inside

If you like Japanese culture, Spirits, Awesome powers and mythic stories then you've come to the right place! This book is centered around a young girl called Yami Tsuki, (In japanese this means Darkness moon) and her soon to be best friend Taiyo Kurua (Which means Sun) I'll try my best to keep updating! P.s This is my first time writing a proper story so please comment and vote if you like! ~ Pen-chan x


1. Falling girl

Full Shinning Moon

Chapter 1

The one thing I’ve learnt from life is that it’s very cruel. It shows no mercy to anyone. Not even a lost soul struggling between two extremely different paths; although my future was always laid out to be a dark, sorrowful one. I gradually tuck my hair behind my ear and let the rest flow deep within my past. I take one last breath before retelling my twisted story.

Black…this was the first thing I knew. My eyes were closed shut. My brown hair winded upwards as I fell. I couldn’t feel anything; maybe I didn’t know what feelings were. I wasn’t sure. White shone down on my pale skin, but slowly seeped through to my eyes. Quickly, my eyes flashed open and for the first time, I saw the most wonderful sight. The full shinning moon, watching over me. It was both breath-taking and Beautiful; the transparent glow around it only emphasized its beauty.                                  “T-TsUkI….suki,” a weak voice mumbled. The pupils in my eyes narrowed to pinheads, a shiver ran down my spine lifting every hair as it went. Fear…was this how it felt? -Considering I was already falling twice as fast as any human could survive, I was doing pretty well on fear levels-

“T-he NecKlacE…LeT it Guide YoU” whispered a seemingly helpless voice. I was on full alert, with my natural instincts kicking in. To make things worse, none of my five senses were responding to anything; I was so distorted, left or right, it didn’t matter then. I took note of the voice and pressed my chin against my lower neck, to my surprise dangling loosely, was a delicate pendant. The sickle shape was likely to represent a waxing moon and the ball was coloured in a monochromatic- fashion, which reminded me of yin and yang. My expression was somewhat perplexed, as I went through the meanings of these two religious symbols… “ahhh” I gasped, I lifted my arm to my head. A tingling feeling had taken over my upper body, I had forgotten, or merely wanted to block out the fact that I was still falling. Blood was rushing to my head; I could hear the almost rhythmic pumping of it. “Great” I thought to myself with a hint of sarcasm, “The first thing I hear is the sound of my own blood rushing to try and protect me.” Then it clicked.

My trail of thoughts soon linked up the pendant, along with the whimpering voice, to the bright full moon. She spoke, “Tssuki, my sweet…glow like a firefly in a distant night. Shine brighter than any stars in the sky. Light your own pathway, though the darkness….live my child…LIVE TSUKI!” These words were toned as if, as if….She was my mother. I had turned my head downwards, wondering what else to do in the situation. I examined my long dress. It was black and white, I guess it was symbolizing balance furthermore there was a ribbon of silk wrapping around the top of my waist; this was a kind of gray-ish colour. The upper bit of the dress had a diamond checked pattern of monotone- it flowed into the rest of the dress which was white. It was comfy. As for my shoes, I wasn’t wearing any. -I guess you’ve assumed by now that I’m a girl-

Unexpectedly, the temperature of the night dropped fast. Since I was in a dress, goose bumps started to appear on my arms. A thought flashed through the back of my mind “What if it’s not the cold that’s causing me to have Goosebumps?” I denied it. I knew basic science; however I find that a lot of general knowledge is programed into my mind. I couldn’t remember anything before falling. But then, the sickening falling feeling went, completely. My arms drifted up, I believed I was the right way up now, I tried to quickly wave my arm across the substance. To my shock, my hand, even with all my effort and power, did not cut though the substance as fast as I expected. I assumed I was floating…but in what? I mentally slapped myself. I had fallen into a vast amount of water; Is this what the ocean is like? Then I though “Humans can’t breathe in water” I didn’t have time to think about where this strange fact came from. But I couldn’t help thinking what the word “Humans” meant. I guessed it was some-kind of rare land-animal. I started panicking; looking rapidly around the dark gloom of the water for answers.

“Yami…come to me…” Insisted a dark voice, I could sense evil in its tone. All I could do was stay still like a sitting duck. “There is no light without darkness….hehheh” I knew then that this was a different speaker. The laugh was blood-curdling, paralysing my body. “Trust no-one, befriend no-one and love no-one… except… yourself”” he shrieked, the tone in which he spoke suggested that he was a male. “Survive Yami” he seemed very powerful. Besides who was he talking to? Did he mistake me for someone else? I started to compare the voices. Then I felt a vibration coming from my necklace and I stupidly realized that I hadn’t been breathing. I tried desperately to gasp for air; this only made my pendant shake and glow violently. Strangely, a weird kind of purple bubble was gradually forming around me. It only became stronger and stronger the more I struggled. Everything flashed white with just a tiny sight of the now massive purple barrier. I blacked out.

I still don’t know how long I passed out for, it could have been days or even weeks; but the main thing is that, I eventually woke up. I could hear the crashing sound of the ocean and I could finally feel the soft sand under my skin. My feet were still resting in the clear shallow water, and then I swiftly opened my mouth for air just like a bird freed out of a cage. To my discontent, I only managed to bite into a mouthful of sand. No matter how soft sand is, it sure doesn’t taste good. I stuck my tongue out, trying to wipe off all the sand. I made a metal note remind me not to do that again. I wrenched my drowsy eyes open. It was bright and sunny, that’s all I could tell from being face down into the sand. I lifted both my arms up to my sides and heaved myself up to standing. I closed my eyes again as I leaned back stretching. My arms swayed backwards up towards the blue sky. Best stretch ever. I blinked my eyes a few times, scratched the back of my head and wondered what the heck happened. I sighed, wishing I knew more about myself so I shuffled onto the beach and sat down.

I summarised what I knew. I was female and I didn't know who my parents were. I looked at my hands trying to figure out what age I was, and then slowly crawled to the edge of the water to see my face. I guess I looked about 14 to 15 years old, had dark-reddish eyes and smooth brown hair. And I was wearing a mono-coloured dress. However I was observing my pale skin, i saw a light trace of a half moon over my left eye, It slowed faded. Confused, I moved the most important things to the front of my mind, the major one that stood out was shelter, food and water. I knew very well that these things were the difference between Life and Death. Another dark though eased its way through the others; “Kill or be KILLED”…That sure wasn’t my conscience. Am I evil? What is true evil? I brought my hand up to my mouth and let out a tried yawn. “Nope I’m just being paranoid” I thought. “Okay here’s the plan, Find a shelter, then water, then hunt/look for food” I shouted determinedly at the open waters, before rising up slowly from the line of water, I turned around. In front of me was a sight, NEARLY more wonderful than the full moon.

The magnificent wild jungle, it was only about a five minuet walk to adventure deep within. Well, I have nothing to lose since all I had was a dress and a necklace. And with that I stormed off at an alarming rate towards the emerald shaded trees.  I only hoped that I would come out unharmed on the other side; I moved my arms up to my sides and changed the length of my paces, almost like changing gears on a car. The wind felt great running though my hair; it was also a new sensation for me! A smile appeared on my face as I was filled with joy. I realised how precious life was and wanted to saviour it. Meanwhile, I was running so rapidly that everything around me came blurred, at some points I could even feel my feet leave the floor! I looked back quickly on my general knowledge of flying creatures; Birds, bugs, dragons? “Hmm, I don’t have much information on them, they seem to be just legendary myths” I stated out of breath from spiriting.

 I came to the edge of the jungle, and rested on the nearest palm tree. The tree bark was rough, so I moved my hand off it and rubbed my back. I was inhaling the aroma of the coconuts and fresh leaves. I paused. Coconuts!? A bell rang in the background of my mind, Food!  I turned my neck upwards to see five ripe coconuts. I smugly smiled with the time I found them in. However, the coconuts were quite high up. A puzzled expression came onto my face. “Maybe I could find a stick?” I question myself. After a few minutes scouting the area, I had found absolutely nothing. For a few seconds I just stood staring at the coconuts trying to imagine what they would taste like. I’ll have to resort to violence. I pulled an evil smile as I loaded my leg backwards, then slamming it into the poor palm tree at full force. The entire tree creaked and lifelessly fell to the ground- Along with three others behind it. My eyes widened, I was amazed at how much power I had, and it seemed un-natural compared to other species. I promptly brushed it off, and hurried over to the scent of coconut milk. I tied the palm leaves together over and under the coconuts, then hurled them straight onto my back. I proceeded to adventure ever more into the endless jungle.

It was most likely to be mid-day, as the humidity of the air was rising, I had the slightest sense that a storm was coming. It was instinct. I could feel it. Anyhow, I keep on tracking though the green blurs not wanting to waste time and effort. Slowly it was getting to me, the need for water. A bead of sweat trickled down my arm, as if it were crying out for water; water that I couldn’t give. I took out the first of the coconuts knowing, that I would have to ration them out over time.

 I cracked open the last one, as easily as the first. I didn’t care anymore. I had been lost for hours. To make things worse, it was night time and pelting rain down. “Heh, even the sky is crying for me” I thought rather optimistically- *sigh* enough feeling sorry for myself. I looked down, the floor seemed particularly interesting, and I kicked a few dead leaves around. My face changed from extra bored to worried and gloomy as the thought of my skeleton lying on the ground being kicked by a wondering traveller, echoed through my mind. My nose twitched. SNAP, a stick snapped in two a few yards away from me. I immediately froze and wished that the alarming sound was only a small falling stick off a high jungle tree. Reluctantly, I inched my head around. After not noticing any colours apart from greens browns and more greens I thankfully turned, walking forwards. It was around mid-afternoon, the sun was still steaming the jungle in boiling rain. If you just peaked though the leaves you could see the powerful streams of sunlight; I needed to find shelter. Fast.

      Subconsciously, I drifted forward while no-longer knowing the point of continuing. I’d lost count of the hours, and my eyes were blurring. The trees were only distorted and wavy, looking the same colour as the ground. My gravity fell sideways as I smashed my head on the floor. I blacked out. I remember the dream I had, I dreamt of wonderful fruits and waterfalls, in a beautiful secluded valley, soon only to rot and decay slowly. It all turned dark and lifeless; as if death himself had reached out and touched it.  The trees were wilting, and drooping it gave the impression that they had lost faith in the sun. It was no-longer the sun, but an eclipse. The single second the moon covered the shinning orb; I felt alive. 

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