The Girl in the Forest [Niall Horan}

Hey I am Katniss call me Kat I ran away I live in the forest weird huh but I love it here I do not think life could get better than this until he found me.


4. a helping hand

Nialls POV 

I think I might go and see Kat to see whats new with her. I don't know what it is about her but she makes my heart flutter ..dude again you have a girlfriend. Just as I saw Kat I saw her clutching her ankle in pain I quickly ran over "whats wrong Kat!" I yelled/said  she chuckled "didn't expect to she you back and my ankle i just hurt it falling from my tree " I moved her hand away from it and gasped her ankle was swelling  all shades of purple. "You need a doctor" I yelped making her flinch "s-s-sorry" i mumbled "it's cool" she winked then winced because of her ankle so I picked her up bridal style and caught a cab she looked me in the eye and said "you don't have to do this" but i do.


*skip cab ride at hospital*


"Well miss blue looks like a bad break but we can fix it "the doctor said while flicking through paper work

"she will go to surgery straight away" he announced.I squeezed her hand when they put the injection in then her grip  loosened and she was asleep I kissed her forehead then she was carted away.


2 hours later

"You here for miss Blue" the doctor said and I sat up "yeah" i said rubbing my eyes i had been asleep "well she has a cast but is free to go" he said "yessss" I yelled then mentally face-palmed myself  for saying that out load I look around then entered Kats room "how you feeling love " I asked "the cast sucks but i am fine" she says groggily " I need to go back to my tree" she smiled and grabbed her crutches "woah wait no you can stay in the spare room at mine " I said "hmm kay" she mumbled before falling asleep i picked her up and caught the bus home.

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