Devils May Cry

The world is run by Outcasts-Immortals.The year is 1695 and Gwen Penyweather is your average Stuart teenager. Except that she has vivid dreams and nightmares that are true, and she can see peoples auras. She does not know what this means. Gwen soon meets her long lost brother-Shane. but he is hiding a secret. When Gwen is introduced to Dante, she can see her world in him. Gwen also meets Dante's brother Jake. Soon she realises what she is and Gwen has to make a choice between good or evil...


1. Brother?

"Would you like a cup of tea Miss Penyweather?" Sarah said, who was my personal maid. I looked at her baffled. I have heard of tea; it was new to England as it only came to here when Oliver Cromwell was ruling. "No thank you Sarah, a cup of hot milk will do please. And can you bring me some food, I am quite hungry." I replied, as I gazed out of the window searching for something in the bustling streets on London. "Of course madam. Anything in particular?" 

"No, Surprise me Sarah however rather having it in the dining room I'll have it in the library." I told Sarah. She walked off with a nod. Moving from the window, I made my way into the library; I spend more time in there than outside. Ever since my dearest grandmama died, I have locked myself up in that room. The reason why I do this is because grandmama told me stories, stories that made me feel like I was one of the characters. Knock. "Come in." I summoned,as I sat down at the table. Sarah came in with Megan- who were both holding trays of food. Sarah held my drink and a slice of cake whilst Megan held some warm beef on a plate with some chicken and lamb. "'ere you go Miss Penyweather." Megan said. She placed down my food with a fork and a knife ready to eat. "Thank you Megan you can go now, Sarah you can stay with me if you like." I dismissed Megan. Sarah looked at me happily. "Whatever it takes to make Miss 'appy again Miss." I gave Sarah some of my chicken. "For me Miss?" I nodded. "Why thank you Miss!" she exclaimed. Together we both said a prayer to the Lord in our heads. 'Almighty Father, thank you for the food you have put on this table, the drinks the clothing you put on my body and the roof over our heads. Thank you. Bless me and everyone who is not sinful and forgive the ones who are. Amen.' As we began to eat, there was a slight tap on the door. It was James, the Butler. "Excuse me madam, we have a tall gentleman who wants to speak to you alone. Shall I send him in?" 

"If you must James. Send him to my bedroom please. Tell this man I will be in there in a couple of minutes. Offer him a cup of coffee or tea." I told him. James nodded and went out of the room. "Sarah, tell Cook that I will finish off the food a bit later. Thank you for being with me."

"Yes mistress, your welcome mistress." Sarah took my plates and cup and rushed out of the room. I smoothed my dress down and walked up to my room. A tall man with huge laughing brown eyes and and a nice styled cut of brown hair was standing in the middle of the room. "Good evening Miss Penyweather. My name Shane Penyweather and I am your brother enchanté." he said. I gazed at him for a minute or so before showing him to one of my chairs. James came in with a cup of coffee for Shane. "Ah thank you." James went out of the room.

"Mr Penyweather, not meaning to be rude but are you sure you are my brother because my family is dead?" I question.

"Yes I am." Shane said. My curse was happening and the colour around  him was pink (meaning love), green (meaning happiness and fawn (meaning ending of problems). I could tell he wasn't lying. "How are you then Mr Penyweather? Excuse my rudeness, you can never trust anyone these days." I ask.

"Happy. And please call me Shane and may I call you Genevieve?" Shane asked me. "And how are you?"

"I am elated to meet you Shane and of course you may call me Genevieve. Call me Gwen for short." I reply. "I shall show you to your room if you want to stay here." I offer.

"I would love to live here." Shane took a sip from his coffee. We both got up. He took his case and we walked past two rooms before arriving at his new room. "Here you go Shane." I opened the door and Shane placed down his case. 

"Gwen, thank yo-" an ear-piercing scream shook the whole house. Shane and I followed the screams quickly. We ended up in the kitchen where Sarah had cracks all over her face and they were pouring out blood. A sinister laugh made Shane and I look west to see a shadowy figure climbed out of the window. "Oh lord of mercy Shane, we have to get the Watchers. This is an Outcast murder!" I sobbed. Shane cooed me. 

"Not tonight. We will do it in the morning." Shane explained to me. Cook and the other maids were also crying. I knew this meant I had to pay tax to get everyone safe from the Outcasts.   

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