My good and bad days

My storey is about a a teenager who was poor and a very easy target one day some very bad things happened to her and a person who was not normal turned her follow the days of her life as you read her diary.


1. The week of horror

Today was my 15 birthday I woke up like usual although today felt different something wasn't right .

As I got up I started to realise blood marks so I checked it out I opened my parents bedroom to find my dad hanging from the fan with a note saying happy birthday  I went off to school and let mum deal with the police after a long day I fell asleep with my head on my boy friends chest  the in Tuesday I woke up to find  him in my closet with his head cut off and a sign saying here were these clothes so I put them on but today I stayed home Wednesday arrived and nothing was wrong its was a normal day Thursday was the same 

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