True Love

Lost. Isabella Hale ran away once her parents started fighting with each other. She survives on the streets by pickpocketing people. What happens when she meets Niall Horan. Will true love form or will she just use him.


1. Meeting Niall

Isabella's P.O.V

                   I woke to sound of bustling feet and talking. It was a festival with loud dancing and many people pushing one another. I realized this was the perfect time to steal with all the distractions. Looking around, I saw the perfect person. He was too busy clapping to notice me walking towards him. As I was closer he suddenly spun around. He looked into my eyes and asked, " Who are you?" I knew I needed to act casual so I introduced myself. " I'm Isabella Hale." 

Niall's P.O.V

                        She was stunning. All I could think about was how her eye's sparkled and that she looked amazing. " You might know me. I'm from the band One Direction, please don't start shouting. " I replied really quickly. She looked at me and said, " I've never heard of you." " Oh, well. I know I just met you and all but I was wondering if you want to meet me at a café tomorrow in the morning." 

Isabella"s P.O.V.

                           This was the perfect chance for me since he was in a band. "Sure! See you there," and left.


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