1D imagines

if you want an imagine comment your : PERSONALITY, BOY, SETTING, LOOKS, RATING, YOUR NAME, OUTFIT. i promise if u ask for one i will get it done as soon as i can :)


10. imagine for 1D's fangirl

Madison's P.O.V:

I just got out of work, heading home in the hot Texas sun. When I got home I greeted my boyfriend, Louis, of two years. "Louis babe, I'm home." I guess he wasn't here. I took my shoes off and went into the kitchen to get a cold drink. As I walked into the kitchen I saw a note attached to the counter. I grabbed the note and read it. It said "Madison I wont be home for a while. Still at the studio, but at eight we all are heading to Harry's place. Dress nice since its kind of a party and I will see you there. -Love Louis." I smiled at his sweet note. I set it down on the counter and checked the time. It was four-thirty. I still had three and a half hours left to kill. I decided to pick out what I was going to wear and lay out my makeup. I went with a simple mid-sleeve dark blue dress that stopped a little above my knees. I paired my outfit with black pump heels and a black clutch. I laid my dress on the bed and shoes on the floor as I went to take a shower. When I got out I rubbed my vanilla scented lotion on before doing my hair. I lightly curled my hair and went to do my makeup. I did a smoky eye with a tint of dark blue in it with mascara and eye liner. Then I put my outfit on and checked the time. It read seven- fifty five. I grabbed my keys, phone and clutch and headed to my car to Harry's place. When I entered Harry's house I could barely make it out if the door way. That's how crowded it was. I walked around for a bit, trying to find Louis. Finally I spotted him with Ed and Harry. "Hey Lou." I said into his ear loud enough for him to hear. He turned around and so did his friends. His eyes went wide when he saw me and so did Ed and Harry. "Hello! Is anyone in those heads of your guys'?" I asked laughing. They seemed to snap out of it and just smiled at me. "You guys are acting like weirdos. You alright?" "Yah you just surprised us." Harry said not totally convincing. "Yah ok. Well its nice to see you again Ed and Harry. Im gonna go get drink." I didn't really drink but I had to think of something, they were being weird just staring at me. As I was heading for the kitchen, someone's hand stopped me and when I turned around I found out it was Louis. "Hey Louis." I said, but he just pulled me out of the house, away from the party. When we finally stopped we were in front of his car. "Why did you bring me out here?" I asked confused. "Madison do you know how hot you look right now? You made every guy in there stare at you." He said a little mad. I just looked down blushing. "Come on I want to take you somewhere." Louis said opening the door for me. I happily got in the car and waited for him to get in and drive. When he got in the car he took something out of his pocket and asked me to turn around. "What are you doing?" I asked. He didn't answer, just put the tie around my eyes and securing it. "Its a surprise love." I didn't push any further, just sitting there and waited until we reacted our location. After ten minutes we finally stopped. I was helped out of the car and we walked for a little bit before we stopped. The tie was removed from my eyes and I couldn't believe what I saw. There was a beautiful clearing with a river flowing in the background. I turned around to see Louis on one knee. He grabbed my hand and started to speak. "Madison we have been together for an amazing two years and they were the best two years of my life. I never wanna lose you. Will you marry me?" I couldn't stop the tears from coming as I said "Yes." He picked me up, twirling me around. When he sat me down we shared the most passionate kiss we have had ever. It was perfect.


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