The story of a girl's journey throughout her struggles, as she tries desperately to hold onto a life only other people want her to live.


1. Purgatory

The walls are grey and bland, and the floor is white, spotless tile. It smells of varying medication and poor quality food handed to you on metal trays. The rooms are void of personal details and have four pieces of furniture in each of them, all of which are also dull or faded. All windows boast an admirable view, yet the potential serenity is marred by unforgiving bars covering the glass, which makes you feel even more imprisoned than before.

The areas reserved for recreation are pitiful and it is absolutely impossible to imagine anyone having even slight fun in them. The workers that roam the halls make pathetic attempts at idle conversation, all of which are usually never addressed at all. Harsh fluorescent lighting makes you feel like you are being examined as if you were a lab rat, and cameras visibly lining practically every wall and ceiling do little to ease your nerves.

The air is heavy on people's shoulders, weighing them down and making movement more difficult. The thought of how many other countless adolescents loathed the time they spent in this place is sobering, and the thought of how many enjoy their time here because they have nowhere else better go is deeply saddening.

To some, this is hell. To few, this is heaven. And to most, it is an agonizing form of purgatory where you are isolated from the outside world in an attempt to heal mental wounds and prevent you from adding on more physical ones. Privacy here is a lost, envied virtue. Bathrooms are locked for a good amount of time after every meal, workers shine flashlights on you while you somehow manage to fall asleep, you are constantly watched on cameras, and your "progress" is recorded on clipboards throughout the day.

Yet even though this place is far from a good environment, it does tend to push people to want to escape more and more.

The first step you take outside this word is also one into a new chapter of your life, hopefully a better one. You look at everything a different way after this experience, not bad or good, necessarily, simply different. No matter how much time passes or how badly you want to forget, your stay in this place, this purgatory, will never fully leave your memory. Whether this is bothersome or barely noticeable is up to you.

Just know that one lesson you were taught in there is true: your life is entirely in your hands, no matter how out of control you feel at some times. And something good that tends to come out of that dark time is that you will try desperately to not get put back in there again.

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