Love Shall Prevail

Forbidden love, that is all


1. Chapter 1


Prince Rathan’s P.O.V.

I hate that the world is against us, I really do. If you are of royal blood you must marry someone of equal royal blood. I disagree with that. You see, I’m in love with my servant, Avery. One day, when my father is dead, I hope to run away with her and live out in the countryside. Until then, I must suffer in silence and succumb to letting her be my servant. The only times we get to see each other is when she brings me my meals and when I’m fortunate enough to escape my bed chamber in the wee hours of the night. I have to wed a bride of equal royal blood, even though my father has unofficially disowned me. Everyone thinks I’m the bad one but it’s really my brother, Prince Harden. He’s been a favorite of my father since I was born. He had an affair with my mother and when she told him she was with child he wouldn’t believe her. Then she died, and he took me in.( with great reluctance however)As I grew up, I became a child of great mischief. I would always say the wrong things, eat the wrong stuff, or disrespect my elders. I was always the bad one, and then Avery came along. She changed me. One day, about 3 years ago, I saw her hanging clothes up to dry. She accidently drooped Harden’s underpants and he struck her. I had never seen Harden strike anyone before and realized he had been fooling everyone. After he walked away, I went to check on her. Upon seeing me, she backed away as if I was going to hit her. I held out my hand, hoping she would take it, which she did, and led her to my chamber which is the entire east wing. I took her to my room and tended to her wounds. In that small time, I fell in love with her. A year later I told her how I felt about her. Ever since then we have been having a secret romance.

Avery’s P.O.V.

I love him. I absolutely love him. Even though society keeps trying to tear us apart, I love him. Everyday, my love for Rathan grows. He promised me that one day we would be able to love each freely, and I believe him. I will wait for however long it takes to be with him. Even if it takes forever, I will wait.

Prince Harden’s P.O.V.

I think I like that servant girl, Avery. She’s really pretty, even though she’s a peasant. I want her for myself, but something tells me Rathan has claimed her already. That will certainly no do. I mustn’t worry though, I always get my way.

Prince Rathan’s P.O.V.

I have had a rather difficult day. I had to hit Avery because she spoke out of turn when company was over. Knowing I would never strike her on purpose, I must steal away to her room during the night to make sure she’s okay.

Prince Rathan’s P.O.V.

After reading my book, I went to see Avery. I saw somebody walking and decide to see where they were going. The person went straight to Avery’s room. In the light of a match, I watched as Harden clean her face. That made me very angry, as I did not like it when people touched her. When he left, I revealed myself. Once she saw me, she backed away and told me to never touch her again. I came closer and again she backed away. I decided to ask her was wrong. She replied “ I Hate You”.

''Why,'' I asked, totally caught off guard by her sudden anger. '' You want to send me away.'' What, why would I want to send you away'' ?''Why don't you love me anymore''? ''What are you talking about''? ''You said we would love each other forever, you promised me that nothing, not even society could tear us apart''. ''And sadly, I believed you''. " That's not true. I promise you, our love shall prevail.

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