1 Concert, Life Changed!

Mary Kenny and Melanie Brookfield finally got 1D tickets, and when they arrived at the concert Harry saw them and fell in love. When Harry was singing a part of More than this, he say Melanie and knelt down near the front row and sang to her. Mary wasn't too happy about that, because she loves Harry too. Will Harry get in between there friendship, or will Harry have to choose one of them?


1. The Concert!!

Mary's P.O.V.


I woke up super early because I needed to look amaZayn at the concert! I took a long shower and brushed my teeth about 3 times!! I picked up this striped pair of shorts and One Direction tights. I grabbed my IPod and started playing One Direction songs, going over the words and practising how I would scream at the concert. I got my favourite One Direction top and put it on, (after putting on roll on ofcourse) After I got dressed, I went into the bathroom to do my hair. I did a fish tail to the side and put on some eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick. I went into my room and looked out of the window, I saw a Land Rover waiting for me, and I saw Melanie in the car waving with a bright smile. Her brunett hair was pulled over her left shoulder and she wore a yellow top that read 'Mrs. Mel Styles'! I really hated the way that she loved MY husband Harry!! Anyway, before I left to go for the concert, I grabbed my One Direction bag and popped on my One Direction converse. I kissed my Harry poster goodbye and was off for the concert! I hopped into her car and popped my album into the C.D player. LWWY came on and we started dancing in our seats while singing and cheering. Next it was Kiss You and we were almost there, I didn't live that far away from the O2! By the time Little Things was over we were parking! We joined the crowd of girls and waited for the boys. After  about 10 minutes the boys' tour bus came by and Niall came out first. The screams became louder and louder as each member came out. When Harry came out Melanie started yelling and jumping, so all the attention suddenly went to her, even Harry turned to look at her! She blushed and calmed down, weirdly Harry came up to us. I started fixing my hair and and top when Harry came up to us.

"You wouldn't mind if I could have a picture with you Harry, please?" Melanie begged.

"Sure." Harry said taking Mels phone and taking the picture. Harry gave the phone back and winked at her. Jealousy fumed inside of me, I felt like exploding, or jumping on top of Melanie for taking all the attention off me. She smiled at the picture and made it her lock screen and wallpaper, before texting the picture to EVERYONE on her contacts!! When I got the text, I faked a smile and deleted it when she wasn't looking. I didn't need her picture with my husband, when I get my picture then I'll care! She continued smiling at the picture and I continued hating the picture! The crowd started moving and so did I. We got into the concert and sat in our seats. We didn't talk much until the boys came up. I was still angry, sad, confused, hurt and well just jealous that she took a picture with my husband. Well she doesn't know what's coming.........

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