Mermaids don't wear converse


1. Meeting Me

Hi my name is Nevaeh Jonas. I'm 16 years old and I live Hawaii with my older brother, Matt. He's 19 and he was the first one to receive his tail. Yes brother is a merman, and I am a mermaid. Today is my birthday and I finally going to get my tail. Me and my brother didn't use a spell to be Merfolk. Our Mom was a mermaid. She left the sea in search of love and she met our dad. Sadly they both passed away in a accident when I was 15. My brother raised me and now going to teach me to use my tail. This summer Matt is going on a trip with his friends( Who are also merman) . So I going to live with my BFF Mandy for the summer."C'mon Nevaeh time to go." My brother screamed . Time to go find my tail.



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