forever young

jessie jones was a normal american teenge girl. until she hit depression. t got so bad that she attempted suicide. after spending 2 months in a ward jessie was let out. unable to cope being back in her normal american environment her mum sends her off to a small town in englan called holmes chapel. whilst thre she stays with her mums old friend anne styles and her 2 children gemma and harry. jessie starts to fall for harry but just as shes ready to move on with her life and forget her life disaster stucks and her world comes crashing down around her. can harry help her before she hits rock bottom again?.....


1. memories

jessies p.o.v


i held the knife against my chest. one more push and it would all be over. no more pain , no more suffering. no more constant worrying. i gripped my hand aroung the knife and started to push it towards my skin

"stop" a voice yelled but i didnt listen. i couldnt see the person through th thick fog. i kept pushing and pushing. the pain was excruciating. then i saw a shadowy figure come nearer to me.

"im sorry" he said in a deep husky voice " i dont know who you are but i cant let you do this to yourself" he pulled then knife out of my chest. i screamed in pain. the person put there hand over the gaping hole. i felt darkness take over my body. the last thing i saw before i blacked out was a hint of beautiful green.

i woke up screaming. the nightmares were back. the problem was they werent just any old nightmares. they are flashbacks of my past. thats right i tred to kill myself. i've just come out of a mental ward after i spent 2 months there for trying to kill myself. my nnames jessie jones and i tried to end my own life.

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