The Movement

What would you do if you had to leave Earth to move to another planet? Without your family so you were totally alone?

When Melody is forced to leave her home and move to Syania, she is devastated.

Until she meets Gabriel who changes the way she thinks.

The way she feels.

The people she loves.


1. The Journey


I was not sure what I felt when I was in the rocket. I think I was angry... but mostly I felt betrayed. I was sitting on my own throughout the journey and some of the families looked a little uncomfortable around me, as if I was going to punch them. I would have... but it wasn't their fault. I sat still on my seat and I took my belt off as soon as the rocket was in space.

Luckily there were no babies around or I would have started crying for Tiger, my baby brother.

I looked out of the window for the full ten hours that it took us to get to Syania: the planet where all humans will be living in the future. Normally I would have been in awe of the stars and the beautiful colours just outside the window... but I wasn't. I usually talk to my dad about our universe, but he had decided to stay on Earth with my mum and brother.

I should be happy because only one family from every country gets to leave Earth and come to Syania. Since there are only twenty countries on Earth, twenty families got chosen to come. We are the first ever humans to experience the planet. There have been humans on this planet before but they came to make the planet a home for us. Now they have finished building and repairing the planet, we get to experience it.


They call us The Experiencers.

I knew my parents couldn't come... but they had lied to me. I could have stayed with them and Tiger but they didn't want me to remain any longer on Earth. They were trying to keep me and Tiger safe. It wasn't safe for Tiger to come to Syania yet, as it was so far away. But they also didn't want me to stay on Earth since the air was becoming polluted.

I felt so angry and betrayed that it took everything inside me to stop crying; to stop hoping.

The moment the rocket landed on Syania, everyone was called to go immediately to their allocated rooms. I did as they told. I walked out of the rocket and walked over to the huge building. Everyone else was behind me and I tried to walk as confidently as possible. I tried not to remember that my family were on the other side of this galaxy. I walked into the grey building and automatically into my room with my surname on. I stepped in and stood still, staring at the room I would be living in.

It was huge. It was clearly meant for four people: my mother, my father, Tiger and I.

But they weren't here. I was alone and the room seemed to grow bigger in size.


I settled down on the bed and unpacked my bag. The room was a metallic grey in colour and plain. There was nothing in the room apart from four beds and a large cupboard. A window was placed next to one of the beds. I knew that we were not allowed to go outside, as there was no daytime in Syania; only night. However, this was the only planet that was safe to live on so we ignored this disadvantage. It was in a different solar system, but in the same galaxy.

I slowly walked over to the window and watched the night sky. There were so many stars in the sky and I wanted to walk outside. Of course, we were not allowed. But right now I didn't care much.

I walked outside as silently as possible and took a deep breathe in. The air was pure with no polluted gases. I never knew this was how our world had smelled like millions of years ago. I closed my eyed and ignored everything around me. I tried to become nothing. Only the stars in the sky, the pure fresh air and the ---


“OUCH!” My eyes opened in an instant and my head flicked to the sound of the noise. There was a boy on the floor with a cat on top of him. He looked about seventeen.

My head started whizzing. There was no seventeen year old boy in the rocket. There was only one other man who had been on the planet before us. I didn't even bother to look at his face before coming to a conclusion:

This boy was an alien.


I opened my mouth to scream.




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