After death: the beggining

Death, life. What's the difference. Thomas looks at last into the most beautiful eyes in the world, then jumps into death. With her falling by his side...


1. Life before death

I loomed above everything, everyone. My thoughts whirring and unsteady. I reach my hand out to the right, I felt the soft, smooth and delicate hand clutch onto mine. We were ready; ready to die.


How we met. Every day I wake up, eat, get changed, go to college, eat, sleep, but this day was different. It was a Wednesday. That day I had media and photography. I entered the school and walked swiftly to my media room. Luckily Victor wasn't around. Victor:  the popular one, the ringleader, the bully. I'm 18 and bullied, great. I sat down and logged on. I studied the room. Nothing was different, I always deduct things, watching too much Sherlock I presume. Well, there was one difference and that was the beautiful girl standing at the front, Her caramel hair framed loosely around her face and her eyes hazel brown. A rucksack was loosely hung over her shoulder and she was wearing faded skinny jeans, a checked shirt and converse. She was perfect. A couple of people laughed, seeing the mens clothes she was wearing.

"Mr. Edwards, seeing as you take strong interest in this girl, you will show her around. Her name is Meredith Clark." 


I looked a the boy, intently staring at me. I was astonished, no-one ever looks a me like that. I walked over to him and sat down. I noticed he was blushing. He furrowed his eyebrows and asked 

"Will you be my friend?" ...

"Well, what's the point of that question, since you have to show me around we might as well be friends."

He looked at me, eyes, mouth hands. anything that would give hime a clue about me...

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