My Story

'My name is Tilly, I'm seventeen years old, the place I now live in was once a buzz of energy, I was once a farm horse, I once lived with an old man who spoiled me rotten, I was once meant to become a race horse, I once found my best friend, only to loose him again, I will never see my mother, or my first handler, Jane, again.'

Tilly's life is fill of happiness as well as misery, she was born and still lives on Happy Horse Ranch, but that doesn't mean to say she grew up there.

This is her life, this is Tilly's story.


1. Me and Jane

I was born in a creaky old stall, on a warm summer evening. My mother was as white as snow and her main and tale as black as coal. I, unfortunately, didn't look like my mother but instead turned out a light toffee brown, but I did get my mothers black tail and main. I was born the same day as Leo, a beautiful black colt with a pearl white main and tale. We grow up together, me and Leo. We would run and play in the luscious green meadows during the day, and lean as far over our stalls as possible to be close to each other during the night. We were happy living at Happy Horse Ranch, our mothers loved us, our owners loved us, we had food, water and shelter. What more could we want? What about a permanent home. I felt sure that Leo had a permanent home here, I thought I did to, especially after I saved Jane's life.


Jane, our master's daughter, took me out for a ride one day. We rode for ages, crossing the bridge in the middle of the land, and rode on for awhile. It started to rain so Jane turned me around and we headed for home. By the time we arrived at the bridge it was raining heavily, the water in the river was less than half a meter from the bottom. Jane urged me forward, but I stood still, something was telling me not to step on the bridge. Jane yelled at me and kicked my sides so I had to move foreword. I cautiously put a hoof down on the bridge, then another, slowly I moved foreword. I heard a crack and reared, almost sending Jane flying, I moved back as quickly as I could just as the bridge broke in front of me. Jane stared, still trying desperately not to fall out of the saddle. She thanked me and hugged my neck tightly. "Thank you dear Tilly," she whispered in my ear, "If it wasn't for you I would surly be dead."


Since that day Jane has been my main handler, caring for me when ever she could. We shared a bond, a special bond, one I thought could never be broken, that we would never be torn apart. It turned out our bond wasn't that strong.

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