Truth and dare

Just a normal truth and dare game, with a dare that will change Alex's life forever.
In the small town of Hendersonville, there is one old castle that stands out with a mystery. Many people are seen entering easily, but none are seen coming out, and one particular dare sends normal teenager, Alex, investigating it.
He finds things no human will ever encounter in their life, and sees things no human will ever imagine of seeing.
It turns out the old castle isn't just a pile of old bricks, it holds a dark and mysterious secret that is hidden from the outside world.

Truth and dare will never be the same again...not after this.

Written in the !st person in the past.


1. Prologue

Hendersonville was strange. Before I moved there, I had only heard of rumours, but when I arrived, I didn't blame them. I moved there 3 years ago, when I was 13, and the first moment I laid eyes on the cold hard buildings surrounding me, I understood what people meant by 'strange'.

I met new friends there, who were probably the only things that were alive, and I loved hanging around with them. Max, Sam and Nick. We were all the same age - 16 - and the one thing we all had in common was that we all loved the game, Truth And Dare.

A lot of the older guys in the town said that only babies played that game, but we always said:

"You never know what dare you may get."

I guess that was the thrill of the game.

I remember vaguely that one year, I had to kiss a girl the same age as me.

And that Sam had to shout out swear words in French in the streets.

But that was about as bad as they got. But occasionally, you never knew, you could've gotten a "Jump off a cliff" or a "Poke your finger through a fire" or a "Eat a snail."

But none of us had ever gotten a dare like "I dare you to find out what's in that big old haunted castle over there" because we knew. That the people who went in there, never came back out again.

Not one.

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