Alicia loves K-POP and her friends loves be Direction. When they finally going to Korea the plan and the plans are ruined. One Direction, Boyfriend and SHINee on a Island in the middle of nowhere with thre girls. 3 bands 3 girls


1. Prologue

Harry's POV.

South Korea. South Korea I need to google that. I took my computer and wrote South Korea. Then I read the results: Hallyu, K-POP, SHINee, Boyfriend. I click on Boyfriend and see some girls, I mean guys who wear eyeliner. Weird. It's Korean men like that. We're going too Korea because Louis wanted that. I think they really support gay couple in Korea. Or at least when I read some comments on that photo. Dongwoo it'sh that like Larry. I'm confused. 

"Harry pack your bags!"says Louis.

"Can you help me Lou." I answer.

"No I have to much to do." Says Louis.

"Come on my little Boo Bear. I know you want to help your Hazza." I say, I make it sound like I want to have sex with him. Good job Harry, good job.

"Okay!" He says and comes into my room. He sits down on my bed and comes really close. He takes his fingers in my hair and push my curls from the face. My heart skips a beat.

"Louis William Tomlinson what are you doing!" I scream.

"You had something in your hair ."he says and backs.

"Oh I just thought you where sad because of..." I say with a low voice before he cut me of with a big hug. I can feel that he is crying. It's makes me sad.

"It will be alright she doesn't deserves you." I say trying my best to make him feel better.

"B-b-ut who does?" He asking me.

Me I deserves to love you until a girl does that.

"Do you really mean that?" Lou asking me.

"Did I say that out loud?" I asking him.

He nods as answer. We cuddle a long time in the bed. Then Louis starts pack my bags when he sees my computer. 

"Do you think we can find a directioner who loves Boyfriend?" He asking and start looking on twitter.

"Louis I thin we have to go." I say and takes the bags to the taxi. I go into the taxi and check twitter. I look who have mentioned me in a tweet. I found one really funny: Finally going to South Korea when my friends only can think about 1D @harry_styles I blame you. It's from @aliciaachram. I tweet back. Dear @aliciaachram I'm also going to South Korea, do you like K-PoP?.
She answer with: @harry_styles Yes I love K-pop and boyfriend. I answer @aliciaachram you should tell your friends that you have five new followers.

"Guys you have to follow a girl called aliciaachram on twitter."  I say.

"Okay!" They say and takes their phone I can hear her scream.

"We are going with a really small plane you know." Says Louis.

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