That Boy

This story is about a girl named Jessica. She's got a big brother who is Louis Tomlinson. Jessica is during the story falling in love with Louis' best friend, Harry. but there is someone who doesn't like Harry... I hope you like it :) Xx


1. The Audition

'Jess! wake up!' my brother wakes me with a big smile on his face. Today is his day. He waited all year for. His audition for X factor. the bell rings, and my bro is going down to open the door. I come out of my bed and see myself in the mirror. I look horrible. I go wash myself and brush my teeth. when I come back in my room I grab my new T-shirt I bought special for today. 'I love my big bro' is written on it. Louis didnt saw it, but I know he's gonna love it. I mean everything for him. last year I was bullied on school, but Louis always helped me and he said to me that I'm special and that the kids were just jealous. now I'm happy and have a lot of friends. I put on my skinny jeans. make-up, hair. I'm ready. 'Jessica, we gotta go!' 'I'm coming'. when I am downstairs my Louis sees my T-shirt. He laughs when he reads the lyrics. 'wow is that for me?' Louis asks and he hugs me. then another boy walks in the kitchen. It's Jake, my brother's friend. 'Hi Jessica' he says. 'Hey' I say. Jake likes me, Louis says we are a cute couple, but he's just not my type. My mom walks in the room. 'I'm so proud!' she says. 'well mom, we gotta go' Louis says and she hugs her. 'bye mom' I say and I hug her too. 


when we finally arive, Jake helps me out the car. we go get Louis' audition number, its number 155204. Then we go to the waitingroom, in this room are coloured tables and chaires everywhere. We go sit at a blue table. 'Do you guys want a coke?' I ask Louis and Jake. 'yes, please' they say. I walk to the bar to get 3 coke's. the row is very long and before me stands a cute boy with brown curls and a green scarf. He turns around and sees me staring at him. 'Hi, pretty girl. And who are you?' he says. I'm surprised he calls me pretty. 'ermm, my name is Jessica, and what's your name?' 'I'm Harry Styles, nice to meet you.' 'yeah, nice to meet you to.' I say. Wow this boy is so cute, and hot. 'Next!' the woman behind the bar says. 'one coke please' Harry says. 'are you alone here?' I ask him. 'No, I'm with my mom and stepdad, but they are so nervous, and that makes me nervous too, so I think I go search a table alone. and are you alone?' 'No I'm with my brother and his friend, my brother Louis is going to audition, but, do you wanna sit with us.? 'yeah sure!' Harry says with a big smile. I order 3 cokes and then we walk together to our blue table.

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