The Dancer

Post in the comments on how this short P.O.V makes you feel and what you think.
To me this is a very odd P.O.V and even I don't understand part of it. Nevertheless, it was written by me and I wished to share it with all of you. Enjoy.


1. Emily

This is my home. The show. I live to dance. To stand in the spotlight and be adored. I was beautiful once. Once upon a time. My face could draw any man in the room to me. But I am old now... Withered... My make-up cracked. I dance on in this show, surrounded by faces masked in fear and pain and I block out the people around me and I remember who I once was. A beautiful dancer. So watch us dance, beautiful and terrible. We dance your fears, your nightmares, so watch us and believe you are not the same. But you are. We are all beautiful and we are freaks.
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