Venture Forth: A Call to Arms

A hypothetical speech regarding a true account of an inspiring walk, urging others to do the same.


1. Venture Forth

Fellow citizens. I urge you, neigh, implore you to venture beyond the four walls in which you are trapped and simply take a walk!


I do not address those of you who already have branched out to this once common frontier, though they may still benefit. No, I talk about those who were, like me a few minutes ago, oblivious to the outside world. Desiring something nice for breakfast, I made the usual trek down to my local store. And what joy I had, I hasten to add!


My voyage to get the aforementioned breakfast was something of a norm, the same buildings lined the street, and whilst I conceded it was a lovely day, it was more of the same. In short, I would rather be at home with my feet up.


But, oh, the return journey. What natural decadence filled my eyes. My attention was drawn to those having coffee outside at tables, where the only roof was the amazing blue sky. Can you imagine!


I passed by a few tourists, being led by what I presumed was a relative who lived in the area. He pointed to a side street, wishing their gaze to take in the wonder that lay slightly hidden. I, too, glanced, feeling a little rude for doing so. I would make no apology after I took my first glance, however! What lay hidden off in that little street was a crescent of tall houses, a colour of clean and pure white which the sun bounced off with glee. I restrained my curiosity to walk further down, but in hindsight, perhaps I should have. Perhaps you can pick up the baton and continue down that street, or any other hidden street for that matter. The crucial part, friends, is discovery!


Close to the house, I walked on a little path on a hill overlooking the city. Typically, it was lined with trees which awkwardly covered the inspiring view which I knew lay hidden. Previously, I never bothered to hunt for it, but today, inspired, I did. I craned my neck to find an opening between the leaves and I was amazed. It was but a small window to a larger landscape, but that was all I needed. Rolling hills lined the horizon, dotted with small houses, and the slightly out-of-place tracks of road which looked like unfinished brush strokes. Nonetheless, it was incredible. I wondered why on earth anyone would pay for a view when it was right here waiting for them! Something so stunning lay waiting in my back yard, all I had to do was seize it, and seize it I did!


So, ladies and gentlemen, I ask you, weather permitting of course, to venture beyond the comfort of the chair and screen, go outside, explore the unexplored in your local area, and you too can share the inspiring views with others. Be amazed by more than a video, explore more than a virtual world, listen to more than sounds from speakers. In short, seize the world which is yours, where wonder is still free for all. Go forth comrades!


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