the last kiss

school was over and magg and jeff her boyfriend werent so happy and .....


1. Bad day

me and my boyfriend where not so happy and    then well just read ." maggy get in here" he yelled "jeff hold up i try to do something " i was trying to set my alram clock " maggy get your ass in here now " so i walk in the kitchen and there he is "what do you want " i said rudly   " what with the fucking  dishes your not go to do them " he yelled " NO im not you live here to so get your lazy ass up and do the freaking dishes " then he hit me and told me " get your fuckinig stuff and leave you lazy bitch " so i left but when i left i took the money and gave him the finger then i was walking down the street and BAM i got beat up by a gang and my ex-boyfriend shot me

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