Letter From the Supernatural

One Direction fan fiction-

15 year old girl Amelia finds out she's not at all who she thought she was. She gets sent to Hogwarts, school for wizards and witches. On her way, she meets 5 older boys by the names of Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry. Friendship over life? Or Life over friendship?

I won't be posting daily, this story is just for fun. It like something I can just relax and write away in.


1. Last look

I came into the kitchen, "Good morning sweetheart," "Hey mum," I kissed my mum on the cheek and sat down. I ate the pancakes my mum had made for me, "After school I'm picking you up. We're going out," "Ok? Where to?" she froze in her spot "Just wait and see sweetheart," I finished my pancakes and went upstairs to get ready for school. I wore my school uniform. A white shirt, dark blue cardigan, blue and red tie, a blue skirt and black tights. Wasn't that bad for a school uniform if you ask me. I'm 15, in year 11. Nearly in sixth-form. So exciting! ( Grade after grade 11 in the US )


I let my natural hair flow down my back. It was long, wavy and brown. I put a thin line of eye liner around my eyes and mascara. I got my school bag and came out my house. Outside was my best friend, Kylie. "You ready to go marshmallow?" "Yes, yes I am candy floss." hey, don't judge us because we're weird. We began walking to school. We got there in more than half an hour. We found our friends and sat with them. On our table was me, Kylie, Fizz, Cayden and Danny. Fizz is my second closest friend, her name sounds wacky and boy-ish, but to be honest, she does act like a boy. Cayden and Danny are both on the football team. Both super cute and popular. It's a shame they're stuck with us.


"Amelia! Hey, can I sit next to you?" Danny stood behind my chair and gave me a smile, "Sure," I said, taking a bite out of my sandwich. He sat down and got out my favourite cookies. I gave him a death look, a look that said 'If you don't give me one, you'll die' I tried and grab the bag of cookies, but he held it up in the air, "You walking home with us today?" we was now stood on our chairs and people started to stare at us. "Nope! Now gimme!" "Hey, not so fast. Why not?" I folded my arms, "My mum's picking me up. We're going somewhere," I pushed him of his chair and grabbed the bag before it could land on the floor.


The others soon joined us for lunch. "Hey, when was you planning on telling us that your leaving?!" Fizz asked, throwing a piece of chocolate at me, "Who me? I'm not leaving anywhere?" "Err, yes, you are. Everyone knows. Your mum apparently popped around today and told one of the staff to inform the head that your leaving today," all my friends attention came to me, "I-I don't know anything! Are you sure they wasn't talking about someone else?" what was going on? My mum surely would of told me I'd be changing schools before my last day. "I'm sure!" "Why didn't you tell me Amelia! I'm your best friend! And these are your other friends, you didn't even tell us?" I got my phone out to my contacts, "I seriously have no idea whats going on! I'm going to call my mum," One call. Two call. Three call. She's not picking up. My mum doesn't work, only my dad works. What was she doing that could be that busy to not answer her daughter?


"Hey, your not seriously leaving, are you?"someone pulled on my cardigan behind me. "Huh? Oh, I hope not," "Yeah, I hope not too. If you are, I'm going to miss you. A lot," he looked down to his shoes. I giggled and blushed slightly. "Yeah, I'll miss you too. If I do, I'll call you every week to catch up. Yeah?" he look back up to me and smiled, "Yeah," "How about you walk me out, and you'll be the last person I'd see before leaving this school?" I linked my arms in his, "Couldn't do any harm," we both walked out the school together and I saw my mums car waiting for me. "So, this is my que to leave.." we unlinked our arms and stood facing each other, "You promise you'll call?" "Of course! No cross keys included," I held my hands up, "Goodbye Danny," "Wait,"he said before I could turn and leave. He lifted the bottom of my chin up, my eyes were looking into his dark hazel ones. In a second, he connected our lips together. His lips were soft and delicate. Only we shared that moment, until my mum interrupted"Amelia! We have to get going!" we pulled apart. I gave him one big hug, we have said nothing to each other. I walked straight to the car after our hug. I wasn't going to turn back. He kissed me in the last minute of my presence. That made no sense, but I liked it. I thought back to the memorise we shared. I thought of all his features. His dark blonde hair, dark hazel eyes, soft warm lips, a dimple on his left cheek. I was going to miss every bit of it.

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