Best Friends Forever

Me and Louis have been through loads and we promised each other that we would be there for each other no matter what happens.


1. Best Friends

Sat curled up on the couch in the arms of my best friend Louis, watching Grease. Me and Louis have been best friends since we were little, we did everything together. People thought that we were going out because we spent that time together, but he was my brother I never had.

We used to sing together and one day out of the blue he said "we should go on the X-Factor together. I looked at him and said "Louis, i would love too but we both know it's what you want to do and besides I’m doing my GCES's this year and you know how much i want to get into college then uni and  there's no point me going and I’ll get 3 no’s anyways as i can't sing." He looked at me and smiled " You can sing and but i can't go without you Aimee." I looked at him and hugged him. After a few hours of talking he finally agreed to apply for the X-Factor but we kept it to ourselves until he go the letter saying when his audition was, and he told his mam Jay that we were going on the X-Factor, even though I wasn't."

The day finally came for Louis's audition, me, him and Stan Louis's mate, headed to the audition. I was sat in the back of the car thinking 'what if he does get through and he becomes famous he'll forget all about me or if he doesn't get through he'll be really upset and we would never sing again together, but no matter what the result is I'm right next to him the whole way. We queued for hours and hours, Louis finally got his number and we headed in to waiting hall for his number to be called. We waited for ages but I didn't care because it was what Louis wanted. Louis was really nervous even though he tried not to show it .

A tallish man came into the hall with a mircophone and a clipboard and he started reading, then he called 155204- Louis just looked at me and Stan,we all stood up and headed to the group of people waiting and we headed off down a corrider and we where in another room but it was smaller and there was 2 doors, counting the one we had just walked through. We headed over to a corner and sat down on the chairs while I sat on the floor so i could see them both and we were talking and about an hour later, Louis's number got called and Stan stood up and said "It's time Lou, me and Aimee are right behind you." Me and Louis stood up at the same time and he smiled and said "Thanks Stan, that means alot mate." and we headed through the final door and Louis got sorted but before he went on stage for his audition, I hugged him and whispered in his ear "Just imagine, I'm singing with you on your bed and you'll be fine and besides whatever happens me and Stan are here and one last thing I love you big brother." I could feel him smiling and he whispered back "Thank you Aimee and i love you too little sister." we stopped hugging and he headed onto the stage, and Stan put his arm around my waist and I did the same because we were both soo nervous for Louis as we both wanted him to get through.  We could hear him talking and then he started singing and I was really proud of him, after he had finished it was the bit  I was dreading, Simon said "Louis yes or no?" The irish accent of Louis said "Louis it's a yes from me!" "It's a yes from me" Nicole said straight after Louis, and then the an result from Simon, watching on the big screen Simon started smiling and said "Well you've got three yes's." Louis had a massive smile on his face and he said "Thank you soo much." and headed off stage, me and Stan ran up to him and give him the biggest hug ever.

We didn't talk about the audition because Louis didn't want to jix it, so we agreed not to. We stayed the night, Louis phoned Jay when we got back to the hotel and you could hear her screaming down the phone.


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