I wrote this because it's how I feel. It's like, sometimes I just need a pick up from life, from that gravity in my mind holding me down. So I wrote this to kind of let it out slowly. So, yeah..


1. Oppurtunity




Now close your eyes.

And think.

How many times, have you wanted something so much,

Only to be told: No.

How many times have you dreamt of something,

Only to be told it’s stupid.

How many times, have you been at the highest point in life,

Spreading your wings, only to be knocked back down by that one person?

Because there’s gravity in our minds,

A force that’s pulling us down to a constant low,

Something that we can’t escape from,

Something that we can’t just break from,

Because it’s always going to be there,

Causing those tears,

Escalating fears,

That constant voice in our ears,

That tells us we’re stupid,

Tells us we’re ugly,

Fat, thin, not right,

Telling us life ain’t worth the fight,

Saying give in, do it,

Break the bullet,

Choose it, lose it,

Life’s for bruising,

They’re right, you’re wrong,

Always have been all along,

But no.

Because we’re strong enough.

Remember those times, when the biggest problem in life,

Was when you didn’t get the toy you wanted in your happy meal,

Or when you’re pet goldfish died, and your dad buried it in the garden,

And you held a little funeral, just to make it seem better?

But now it’s changed.

We got bigger, and so did our problems.

Now we’re facing each other, like it’s a fight to be the strongest,

To see who can come out on top.

We are the voice in someone’s ears,

The constant reminder, telling them

They’re ugly,

Not good enough,

Not pretty enough,

Not perfect and stuff,

But does it really matter?

They say no one is perfect.

Well they’re wrong.

Everyone is perfect.

Imperfections are part of perfection,

It takes open eyes to realise,

No one’s the same,

Or ahead of the game,

Life’s not a fight,

We should be sleeping at night,

Not staying up late,

And holding back on fate,

Or crying the tears,

Caused by our peers,

It’s okay if you’re not okay,

But it’s not okay to end the day,

With a gun and a bullet,

Wanting to pull it,

And lose everything,

You’ve ever been given,

The hate, the love,

‘Cus you’ve had enough,

And all you’ll be,

Is a photographed face,

Framed on the wall to fill the place,

Of where your life used to be,

And they’ll say “R.I.P”,

To that kid that was raised,

By the family,

That used to be strong,

But ended wrong,

Because of you,

The rest lose too.

So breathe.

Open your eyes.

Because it’s about time you realize,

That life is an opportunity.

You either take it,

Or break it.

But life’s what you make it,

And no matter what words they say,

At the end of the day,

It’s you by yourself,

And no one else.

So hold your own hand,

Because life’s an opportunity.

Take it or break it.

It’s a choice and you make it.


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