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1. chapter 1

Rin sat on the throne, staring at the door. She was 14 at the time and the princess. Her parents had left her in charge and gone off, and nobody had heard from them. The whole town hated her, she ruled the land in a nasty way. When she wanted something she got it regardless of others feelings. The town wanted her out. Her main servant was her brother, however nobody knew this. They looked exactly the same, and it was really hard to tell them apart. They both had shoulder length blonde hair and the same features. Rin tended to have her fringe pinned back while her brother had his hair in a small ponytail. Just then her second highest servant opened the door and came in. The girl had chocolate brown eyes that sparkled and her hair reached midway down her back. The girls’ hair was a mixture of light and dark brown which suited her. She had it free at the time, and her fringe was beginning to get into her eyes. “Hello princess Rin, just to let you know the chef has finished making dinner. You may want to hurry up before that glutton eats it all.” She told Rin. Rin nodded and smiled. Her only friend was that girl. “Thanks for letting me know Sylvie.” She said before heading off. The girls real name was Sylvia but Rin tended to call her Sylvie. Sylvia was widely respected in the town as she helped people and made her own clothes and everything. Her mother had died at child birth and her father was missing. Since she had been young Sylvia had fended for herself. She had watched the tailor at work, and had learnt how to make her own clothes. She sometimes borrowed his equipment and worked in his shop to make her clothes. She brought in all the materials she needed to the tailor didn’t mind. The town was usually either really cold or really hot, so she made a set of winter fur lined clothes and a set of summer light clothes. She had even made a dress out of grass and flowers. She had dried them then joined them and made a dress. Only Sylvia knew how to make it through.  She knew that the princess was hated around town so she had resolved to help. Sylvia always saw the best in people. She believed that all that was needed was for the princess to have a friend. So she took a job working at the castle, and slowly but surely she made her way up the ranks and became Rins friend. Also she had always wanted to learn sword fighting, however as she was a girl she wasn’t allowed to. Therefore she dressed up as a boy each day and went to sword fighting lessons. She tied her hair up in a bun and put on a cap. She would then put on makeup to make herself look like a boy. To start she was really bad, but once she got the hang of sword fighting she really got going and progresses fast. Nobody guessed that she was a girl, or that she was in fact Sylvia.

Rin made her way to the dining room, her brother and faithful servant following her. She sat down at the table and ate, and when the room was empty she invited her brother to do so too. She didn’t want to ruin her pride, the only other time she would do this was when Sylvia, who had guessed about her and her brother, was present. She made her way to her bedroom after eating and promptly fell asleep. Her brother watched over her, and fell asleep in the chair in the room.

In the morning the only servant in the castle was Rins brother. Something was wrong. Her brother came rushing back into the castle and dashed into her room. “Rin. The people want you dead. They are coming, and they are going to kill you. I’ll take your place. Get out and run.” He told her. He took off his clock and handed it to her. She fled the room and went to the back door of the castle. Up in her room, her brother, Len, changed into one of her dresses and undid his hair. He looked exactly like Rin, and the villagers arrested him. Rin ran out the door as soon as the invaders had entered. They dragged Len out of the castle and to the guillotine they had already set up. At the front stood the leader of the rebellion, a natural leader with red hair to match her temper. She was meant to be the only girl in the town to have learnt swordsmanship. The red haired woman read out the charges and what was going to happen. While this was happening Sylvia was awoken by the commotion. She had accidently overslept due to working to hard and late the night before. She still had reasonable clothes on so she dashed outside, putting her fur lined handmade boots and coat on first. She reached the front of the crowd and saw Len with his head in the guillotine and quickly guessed what had happened. The red haired woman was about to behead the princess. Just before she called out for it to stop she recognised Len as Len rather than Rin and knew what had happened there as well. As she called out for them to stop, shouting at the top of her voice, She saw a clocked figure forcing their way through the crowd. From the way they walked Sylvia could tell that it was the princess Rin. “STOPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She cried out, almost in tears, yelling at the top of her voice. She quickly climbed onto the wooden platform as silence prevailed. “Please stop. Why are you trying to kill the princess? I mean this isn’t even the princess. Stop this please. We can sort this out.” She cried out, begging the crowd too listen. Everyone gasped when she told them that the person they were about to behead wasn’t the princess. Taking advantage of the continued silence Sylvia continued. “How about this. The princess will live with me until she is 21 and an adult. Until then the elder will rule. If after that time she has not become friends with the people here and she hasn’t changed, then you can decide what to do. But if at that time she is a nice person then we will let her try again. She is only 14 so please listen!” Sylvia bargained. She herself was only 14, but she knew she could support Rin and her brother. But the main problem would be whether she could get the townsfolk to listen. She could tell that the red haired leader didn't believe that the person wasn't Rin. Then she came to decision. "As the elder isn't here it is up to me. Therefore we are continuing with the beheading." she announced. Anyone could tell that the townsfolk weren't sure as they wanted to trust their leader, but they also knew that Sylvia had always been reliable. But it wasn't up to them. She raised her hand, and as she pulled the string on the guillotine Sylvia jumped and threw herself ontop of the wood and between the blade and Lens neck.

The blade came down at a terrifying speed yet to everyone time seemed to slow the moment Sylvia landed between Len's neck and the blade. It came down into her coat, then miraculously stopped. Even Sylvia didn't understand it for a minute. Then she remembered. On a whim she had put on the coat that she had embedded a metal plate in the back of. She had done it for protection but she knew she would have to replace it now. But that was better than anyone being sliced in two. The crowd stated in amazement as when the blade was retracted Sylvia got up completely fine. She pulled Lens' head out m the wood and stood him up. "Somebody please go and get elder. We need to sort this mess out. And just to let you all know this is NOT RIN!!!" Sylvia announced. A few people went to get the elder while the others watched in anticipation. The red head drew out her sword. Sylvia put her hands on her waist seemingly to saw I really don't care, but in fact she was checking that her sword was there. She kept her sword in a sheath that she had sown to the inside of her trousers. She kept the hilt hidden under her top. She generally carried her sword around and she didn't want people to notice so she had come up with that ingenious idea. The redhead approached with the sword in front. She reached Sylvia and put the point at her neck. Sylvia knocked it off. "What do you want? I've told you the truth. If you want to see the princess you will. But not now as you'd behead her without thinking twice." Sylvia told her truthfully. She could tell that the redhead was beginning to get angry. She raised her sword to Sylvia's neck again, and once again Sylvia knocked it off. Just before the showdown could escalate any more the group who went to get the elder arrived  with the elder. As soon as the redhead saw the elder she dropped her sword. "Hello" the elder addressed us politely. I assumed that the group had filled her in. She turned to face me. "These people have filled me in on what has happened. First I will say that none of this had or has my approval. Second I have heard your offer, and we will say yes to that offer. I believe that if the princess, where she is at the moment, learns about friendship she may become nicer. Therefore she will spend her time with you. I know your yourself are still fourteen but I believe you have supported yourself very well and can support the princess. The crowd will now leave and you will take this person with you too your house. The princess will meet you there." the elder finished her announcement and turned away. The crowd immediately left and Sylvia took Len to her place. The redhead stayed behind. When Sylvia got to her place she saw that the door was slightly open so she guessed that Rin was already there. She pushed her door fully open and walked in, turning around after to close the door and check that Len was still there. He was. When he spotted his sister standing in the corner of the room he dashed over and enveloped her in a massive hug. Sylvia could tell that they needed some room so she headed upstairs to her room. She then got out one of her favourite books and proceeded to read it. Downstairs Rin and Len were so glad to see each other. Rin had thought for sure that Len was going to die, and she told him that. She had been amazed when Sylvia had worked out that Len was Len, and impressed when she stopped him getting beheaded. How she survived Rin didn’t know as she had run off to Sylvia’s house just after that.  She was, however, glad to see both of them were alive, and not missing any parts of their body. Rin and Len chatted for a while then Sylvia came back down. It had been around half an hour and Sylvia couldn’t get into her book. She had decided that Rin and Len would have finished now. They were. “Hey Rin, Len. You both ok?” She asked concerned. They had all just been through a lot.  Rin and Len nodded. “Be back in a moment, I’m going to make some food for us. I guess you do want some food right?” Sylvia told them with a wink. She then headed to her kitchen.

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