George Carlston- A tale of the unknown gods

George Carlston finds himself being chased by 13 unknown gods, whom people have forgotten, whom they have never heard of. The fifteenth god has given him a quest to protect the world. But how will he protect the world with every god and mortal against him.


1. Greenery Public School

There is no greenery at Greenery Public School. It is a desolated area of land on the mountains. It is for free. Many poor children gain knowledge from that school. The school is made on a very dangerous spot. It is known as `The Snow Leapord spot'. The area was full of snow leapords. A child was killed by a snow leapord. The next day the snow leapord had a heart attack and died. Forensic resesarch said that the leapord saw something and then died. There were rumours that the boys spirit had killed the snow leapord. Now look at the principal, he did not tell the police when the boy died but called the police when the leapord died. The principle was a kind and cool sort of guy but everyone cursed his name. The children often pray to their imaginary ghost to even murder the principle as it was not fair that there was no police called when the boy was murdered.

Nobody wanted to get addmission in that sort of school but they did not have a choice. They were poor and were below poverty line. But one parent did have a choice but would not like to utilize money on her child. In her words `waste' money on her child.


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