Oh Baby.

Ashleigh is in a spot of bother. She's a mega-whore and there's no surprise that she's pregnant. But the problem lies in the fact that she has no idea who the dad is. He could be either her best friend, Harry Styles or the super nerdy, yet very attractive Sam. How will she tell both of them.


1. uh-oh

Okay, I am officially done. The test came back positive; oh man, mum is gonna kill me, or the baby. The worst thing is, I am too sexually active to even know who the dad is. But it takes a few weeks for the baby to form after sex, so that only leaves 3 options: Harry, my best friend, Jake, my ex or Sam, the mega nerd. I do believe that I was quite drunk on all 3 occasions, but I can only remember one of them being protected. Jake. So that leaves Sam or Harry. What do I say to them? Harry's probably

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