The Haze

Priscilla was an ordinary girl that would go on an extraodinary trip. Everything felt like an unreal haze, a dream she never wanted to wake up from. As if traveling with her best friend wasn't great enough, she falls in love with the last person she would ever think of. Would he hurt her like the rest have? Or could she finally let down her guard and let someone in. Hopefully she doesn't wake up and realize that this dream became a nightmare.


5. Shock

                     Relief flooded through me as I realized the person who grabbed my wrist wasn't my mother.

    "I'm sorry did I frighten you?" He said with a half smile appearing on his face.

    " No...I'm just surprised to see you..." I answered back. I could feel my lips stumbling for the words I wanted to say.

   "You're the girl on the plane aren't you? You look different..." This time whispering it in my ear. I could tell he was looking me up and down. His voice was raspy and it made me shiver as he spoke.

  "Um...weren't u with someone?" Damn it. I shouldn't have asked that but it slipped out. I can't really think right now.

  "Yeah, I was having a terrible time. She can't dance and she isn't my type. To be honest she was a bit dim. Would you like to dance?"

            I just nodded and smiled. I took his hand and led him to the dance floor. I was near Bre when she turned to see me dancing with Zayn.  She gasped  this time and smiled while giving me a thumbs up.

                                                                   Zayn's P.O.V.

            The music was blaring and her bum had been grinding on me mirroring the beat. She looked absolutely cracking tonight. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. The red dress hugged her curves nicely. The first time I met her on that plane I couldn't stop thinking about her and wondering where she was going on her trip. It had to be fate that I accidentally saw her again. I knew I shouldn't let her slip away again. "What hotel are you staying at?"

"La Rama "

"Holy too! This is crazy!" I nearly shouted.

            It was too loud in here to really talk so we basically just danced. I could tell a lot about her just by the way she moved. She wasn't a shy dancer which meant that she's the type of girl who isn't afraid to be who she is. I really liked that in a girl, most girls don't have tha qualityt. Her hair looked wild, and her eyes were set with deep, dark seduction. The image of her, and her lips parted in a half smile was not an image I would soon forget. Everything about her was enticing. This was a different side of her I hadn't seen. She was more confident then I realized. I guess she just needed to warm up to me. She checked the time on her phone and noticed it was nearly 3:00 in the morning.

    "I think it's time my friend and I left," she said to me, but her eyes told me she wanted to stay.

   "Since we're going to the same place I might as well take you guys home." I offered. She said yes so we all walked to the car as I opened the door for them. 15 minutes passed too quickly as we already made it to the hotel. I was kind of quiet on the ride back to the hotel. I was scared to say the wrong thing and cock up. I couldn't just stay quiet so I spoke up, "Can I walk you to your room?" It was really just an excuse to spend more time with her.

    "Sure," she answered me, smiling.

            She led me to her room and as she walked in front of me I noticed how nice her bum looked. Ok Zayn focus. Speak... "How long are u staying here for?"

  "Another 6 days, and trust me I'm glad to be here. a vacation was much needed."

  "I'm pretty happy too, and meeting you has made it better." I'm smooth....I could see that she blushed.

            I grinned and grabbed her waist. I must be oblivious because I just became aware her friend was by us. She was pretty, maybe I'd introduce her to one of me mates.

  "We'll we're here," she said, motioning to the hotel room. The blonde girl must've noticed the intense look I was giving Priscilla because she spoke up and said she was going inside. Now it was just me and her. I moved closer, looking right at her eyes. I had my arm propped against the door as I bit my lip. I was usually the shy kind of guy, but I wanted her number. I calmly said, "I want to give you my number." I could hear a small gasp come out of her mouth. She passed me her phone. I kissed her on the cheek goodnight. "Txt me," I winked at her and left. I could feel her eyes on me as I walked away and I loved every minute I had spent with her. I had to hang out with her soon.


                                                                           Priscilla's P.O.V.

                    Once I knew he was out of hearing range I ran back into the room. Bre just looked at me and we began to scream, jumping up and down. Bre started asking me a million and one questions but I couldn't even understand her, she was talking too fast.

  "Bre! Slow DOWN! I can't understand what you're saying!" I said hiding back a laugh.

   "OMG DID HE GIVE YOU HIS NUMBER!" she screamed.

   "AHHHH YESSSSSSS!!!! I'M GOING TO FAINT! I can't believe this is actually happening! If I'm dreaming don't wake me up!"


    "Bre I gotta play it cool. I won't txt him right away. Maybe tomorrow afternoon. I want him to wonder why I haven't texted him right away." I said giving her a devilish smile.

   "That's true, but you know you better hook me up with Liam." she said to me.

   "Of course! But right now let's go to bed, I can't feel my legs."

                        She nodded in agreement. We both washed off our makeup and climbed into bed. Bre passed out quickly. Even though I didn't want to think about going home I couldn't wait to fill in Sam. He's a really good friend of mine. We've been friends even longer than Bre and I have. After that all my thoughts went to Zayn. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.  He was the last thing I thought about until everything went blank, consuming my mind into sleep.

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