home can be many things, where you live, where you want to always hang out, where you used to live, where you feel safe, almost anywhere you can call home. Now let me ask you this, have you ever felt at home, have you been taken away from this home, have you ever wanted to run away from where you are to get home? well if you have wanted to run away your not alone, and if you have succeeded in running away, your again not alone. Sylvia Johnson is my name and I ran away a week ago to go home. I got there a few days ago and have been doing okay on my own. Read to find out how it goes, and wish me luck.


1. Finally home

I sat and planned my escape. I would make it out of my house alive if it was the last thing I do. I would return home and nobody could change my mind, even though I doubt anyone would want to do that. I waited until after my new nightly goodbyes since my parents now work all day stay home for an hour then go back to work. After they left I waited exactly two minutes and thirty seconds before charging out of the door. I ran with my bag on my back and my long brown hair flowing in the wind. I didn't dare look back at that house I just bolted from. I ran as long as I could until I was out of breath. It was getting really dark and I hadn't eaten a bite all day. I sat down in an ally way and ate an apple as a quick snack so I could get moving again. After I ate I started running some more. A few days later I arrived home and lucky for me no one lived there... yet. I sat there realizing how much I missed this place when the front door opened. I looked up to see five boys at the door way. I sat there shocked and remembered this wasn't my house exactly, maybe I was the one trespassing. The one with black hair noticed me first. "Who are you?" He asked me. I stayed silent not knowing what to say or do. "Do you speak English?" The boy with curly hair asked. I nodded still being to shocked to say anything. "Well do you have a name?" The blonde one asked me. I once again nodded still staying quiet trying to decide if I should trust them with my name or not, I decided yes. "Will you tell us?" The boy with the short brown hair asked me. "My name is... Sylvia, and you guys are?" I spoke to them for the first time. They all said their names and asked me what I was doing here sitting alone on the floor in the house they just bought. I shook my head as tears started rolling down my cheeks. Louis was the first to react to my crying and came and sat right next to me on the floor. He touched my arm to try and comfort me but I just winced instead because he accidentally touched one of my cuts that I made in the second grade. Liam came and sat on the other side of me and asked "Whats wrong Sylvia?" I said nothing and sat there crying like a little girl in front of almost strangers, I was making a fool out of myself. Louis pulled up my sleeve and saw the large cut on my arm. He hugged me and asked me where it was from. "A long time ago." I said reassuring him that I was fine. By the time I had stopped crying all of the boys were sitting around me. Eventually all of the boys were off doing something. Louis was with Harry at the store. Zayne was hanging out with his girlfriend, whoever she is. Niall was at a restaurant called Nando's. And Liam was in his room doing whatever he does. As for me I was sitting in my room (The boys let me stay here) doing absolutely nothing.


So do you guys like this story so far?

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