Un-Expected September

Louise Eleanory is an 18 year old girl. she has 4 best friends Korrina,Madison,Nicole, and Avery.their life seemed kind of boring but when they win a contest their life changes.


1. Ice cream truck

"yawn' i said to myself. i was walking towards my Mirror  when i triped and slammed my chin on the ground, and all i could hear was my friend laughing at my cumsiness, if your wondering my name's Louise Eleanory. i have long straight Light brown hair and brown eyes. my friend who was laughing at my clumsiness was Korrina Marrel. she has long wavy light brown hair and hazel eyes and shes an amazing singer, and just to let you know Korrina's 15 but Korrinas birthday is tomorrow, and im 18 my birthday was in March. So antway Korrina's sleeping over at my apartment this week while her parents are away. i moved out of my house two months ago.


"so i supose you think this is funny'i said to Korrina as i waxs lying on the floor."funny dosen't even describe it' she said to me laughing.' well im glad my pain amuses you' i said to her while i was getting up.She just laughed'lets go get breakfast' i said to her."sure" she said trying not to laugh.We then walked out of my roomwhen something caught my eye."korrina look'i said pointing out the window."oh my god" she screamed. Now considering how excited we are you would probably think there's some celebrity out there but then we both just screamed at the top of our lungs."ice cream truck"!we ran downstairs grabbed our money and ran outside to the ice cream truck. your probably wondering who has ice cream for breakfast well who cares i for one would never pass up ice cream from the ice cream truck. we both got sprinkle dipped cones and then walked back inside my appartment."so are you excited for your birthday tomorrow your going to be 16 years old" i said to her. "i dont know im not that excited i mean being 16 and all that part is great but my birthday is on the day before the first day back to school it's terrible" she said. i just laughed."oh whatever"i said."so antway off topic, since this is the last day to have fun i say we go out and shop" i said' i said all dramaticly."definetly" she said smiling. She then grabbed her purse and i grabbed mine."ok lets go" i we then walked out the door.

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