Daddy's Little Girl.

Tyler is just like an 17 year old girl, except for one thing a year ago she found out Simon Cowell is her bilogical father, and has asked her to move in with him.
Will she cope with the change from moving from Sydney, Australia to all the way to London? keep reading to find out. :-)


12. She likes you Louis.

Harry point of view:

I texted tyler,

"Hey babe , wanna chill? :)"

within 3 minutes i got a reply and i jumped.

'Sure hazz" she replied.

"Okay, im on my way to simons now."


Tyler's point of view:

I dont know what was up with harry, he was being so flirty and nice!

He was always my favourite member, his curls, the way his dimples sit!

but there was something diffrent about Louis too, Louis i could see myself being with.

Ive heard alot of bad things about harry, not that i believed the media rumours i was just aware.

I heard someone making there way down the hallway.

It was harry.

30 minutes later:

"The real reason im here is because i fancy you.." he said.

I was shocked, i didnt see him like that!

"Um, harry this may hurt but i like Louis, I see as you as a best friend! :)"

"Oh sure, well Louis likes you too! but yeah can we atleast be bestfriends?" he said with a smile.

"I would love that!"


Louis's point of view:

Where was Harry? I was searching the house for him then he walked in the door..

"Where were you? I was looking for you.." I said.

"Oh i was at tyler's but its not what it sounds like, the plans off.

She likes you Louis, she told me today ." He said.

'She likes you Louis' did that really come out of his mouth?

"REALLY? well did you tell her i like her back?"

"Yeah" He said. I was relieved.

He added "I realised i never liked her, i was just feeling alone after i saw yous together, Ive came to the sences I dont want all these one night stands! I want a real relationship!"

"AWWW BOO BEAR!! Ill help you find the right girl!"

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