My French Teacher (Harry Styles)

Katelyn is 17 she is almost done with highschool. She doesnt know about her boyfiend cheating on her will she move on?


1. My First Day Back

Its my first day back from summer break . I was rushing down the hall when i saw my boyfriend. He hugged me and we walked down the hall. I was about to go to my locker when i remember i forgot to get my schedule from the principals office. I ran down the hall andi saw my car get driven away. I ran outside to see my car got stolen . I checked my pocket for my phone . It wasnt there. I ran to the pricipals office. The secrtary gave me my schedule.THE SCHEDULE READ:








I was already late for P.E. " Crap" i mumbled. nobody was in the hall but i already knew that i had to go back out to my locker and figure out where my phone was luckily i have a tracker in it so if its in my car. i will find it.I walked into gym through the Ladies locker room i didnt get in trouble because I said I couldnt find my gym shorts. I joined Mary and Kayla and we stared at our boyfriends the whole time.We ran into the locker room and we changed into our normal clothes. Mary and I walked to our lockers and changed our books. We walked to choir. I coul tell these girls were hurt, ratchet and annoying . Mrs.J yelled at Mary because she brought a water bottle. "What a faggot" I mumbled

"What was that Ms.sharod" Mrs.J said in a iggnorant voice

" Nothing I didnt say anythING" I yelled


"ugly" i mumbled to myself luckily choir is over and  i didnt get detention.

Now off to history great a man teacher how else am i gonna get detention. Mr.Payne sat me in the back with this creepy girl named lyssa. She wouldnt stop staring at me im pretty sure she was lesbian but i wasnt sure it was weird when she gave me the dead eye at the end because she wanted to smell my finger thats just so nasty. In the hallway i saw my boyfriend running down the hallway with his friends like they were about to be killed. But they were coming to ask me about how they are gonna TP Mr.Paynes house. I didnt know but i didnt care why they were gonna do it they all fluncked 11th grade all ready so thats sorta crazy.I walked to my locker and switched to my math books.

I ran to my math class because it took to long to redo my eyeliner it took  five minutes.Then i had to pee so i did. I ran down the hall i tripped and fell then some hoe started to laugh so i got up and slapped the hoe she sorta looked like taylor swift . I picked up my books and i found out i Have to sit next to tayhore. I sat down and Mary sat across from her Mary turned around and Flipped her off. She was all like " Lets go then Hoe"Mary said with a horrifying look in her eye.Tayhore shook her head no.Mrs. shilo gave mary detention. i only got sent out of the room because i was involved. I had sat at my locker for a good half an hour . I finished all my homework . Then my math class walked out of the room flipping Tayhore off.I chuckled.I grabbed my reading books and my journal. I was the first one to class Mr.Styles smiled and winked at me. He blushed I smiled. I sat in front. Mr. Styles kissed my hand.

"Okay class i'm Mr.Styles im your writing teacher  i will be a tutor for writing any questions before i start.

I raised my hand


"Well  first do you do any individual tutoring?"

"Yes madam i will be tutoring you just so you know"


He started teaching and when he asked questions he picked the people who havent raised their hands yet. Of course i was the first one picked.When class was over Mr. styles held me back in the class.

"Well Katelyn if you have any Questions go ahead and ask"

I walked out of the room and went to my locker got my french books and went back into mr.styles room. He winked at me. i asked to you the restroom he said no i got up and went to the bathroom. I returned to see a yellow slip on my desk it was a detention.I crumbled it up and threw it away. I got two this time i put them in my bookbag.-he gave me a thank you look then he started  to teach again.

When i left to put my books in my locker and grabbed my lunch money my boyfriend micheal gave me a hug and a kiss. 'what a dofus" i mumbled he looked back i waved goodbye. I walked to lunch and i didnt have enough money for food so i only got a drink.


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