Him agian

Lucy is a normal school girl with her boyfriend James but when them two split up life for Lucy is harder, but then she meets the new boy and her life completely changes.


1. Another day in the place I call home

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock ringing in my ear, because everyday has to begin with a heart attack, I pulled back my covers and went to brush my teeth it was one of those mornings when you completely don't want to talk to anyone not even your mum or dad. So I go to put my school clothes on when I find something lying on my floor, what's this I thought. It was a book I Opened it to see what was inside it was pictures of my mum and dad when they where younger. They looked so happy abit to happy,oh look it's me as a baby look how cute i was to bad it didn't stay that way. I pulled my long strait black hair into a ponytail and then put it into a bun. I looked at the clock to find it was nearly time to leave for the bus, I grabbed a holliester top and apple bottom shorts on it was a sunny day today I shoved my maths,science,English,and French into my school bag picked it up and headed downstairs to the door I guess my mum wasn't awake at that time dad was at work at this time so I was all alone. Suddenly I went for the door when the doorbell rang it was Rachael she's one of my best friends we go to the bus together everyday. I grabbed a peach and went strait for the door where Rachael is leaning against the door with her denim jacket on she was wearing jeans and a crop top which looked good on her as she is so skinny 

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