For Gianluca

This is for Gianluca Ginoble from IL VOLO. Maybe he'll finally notice my tweets; I'll get a follow over twitter!


1. For You

I've heard One Direction, and they have a few great songs. You might not  know this, but this is what makes you beautiful, Gianluca.

The way you smirk is sultry

as anything.

You have the kindest eyes. Are they

naturally that calm?

Let's face it, that hair would make Elvis jealous.

A lot of celebrities wave away fans,

but not you. Could you hug them



You aren't covered in tattoos!

I see a big soft spot for Ernesto....


Spanish sounds exotic again

Thousands of girls swoon over you, but you're well aware.


I'll admit I had Valentine daydreams.


Last but not least, YOU'RE ITALIAN!


Need I say more?



Lots of love,




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