God's Diary

This is my entry to The Afterlife writing competition. Thank you for reading! :-)


1. God's Diary

Have you ever been irked with a relentless urge to know the statistics of your life? To know the lives you’ve influenced or the amount of times you’ve smiled? At one point in the 36,500 days you’ll exist, the seemingly impossible notion will cross your mind, despite the doubt of it occurring. Some catch a glimpse of these indefinite numbers and minds belonging to those scarce individuals are overwhelmed with knowledge more potent than other powers. Most can’t cope; their brains are unable to bear such insight into human nature.

But one found this data in heaven itself. One angel stumbled across her statistics during an innocent wander without bad intention in her blood. Arella was one to invade privacy.

Arella’s experience of the feared ending of life was eternal sleep. So she was understandably staggered when her eyes opened to a startling white, a sign of a new beginning. No introductory was given; just merely abandoned to explore the realm she had fallen into. So like other inquisitive beings, she decided to investigate.

Wispy cloud trails floated through seas of blue. The reason for being in Heaven was unknown, yet the only option was to continue. With a breath of breeze, clouds parted as if commanded. They revealed an ancient door, one without rusty hinges which beg for oil through irksome squeaks. Somehow, Arella went from desiring to know what was hidden, to behind it.

It was a study; with a hearth fire devouring embers, emitting homely warmth. But what drew Arella’s eyes from the hypnotic flames, was the desk. Rather, the book on the desk. Glances over one shoulder said no-one lingered, so she opened it. From one look you could tell who owned it and even though this perturbed Arella, it was reason to persist.

For someone living that long, the book was astoundingly immaculate. No frayed, thumbed pages or spilt substances on the smooth leather and no dust constricting blanket either. Countless numerical calculations were among its contents, but seeing entries dedicated to people was unsettling.

Knowing that Alice Lynn would save a kitten on 7th June and that action would motivate 28 lives, “These people don’t know how many lives they are influencing just by living,” Arella mumbled when she came across Jamie King. He would send a smile to Samuel Richards on 19th February at the supermarket; the gesture would banish grave thoughts. Then the pages stopped. Before speculating she felt a wavering presence and Arella jumped guiltily.

She knew who it was. “Those humans are from your living life, people you influenced. That’s why Alice and Jamie did those things. Good acts inspire selfless acts – it’s a cycle, which is why you became an angel, for your deeds.”

“….Am I in trouble?”

“No,” he smiled. “Every angel has come in here, yet you hold the record of 34 minutes and 23 seconds.”

Arella grinned. “The entries stop…why?”

At this God laughed. “Because we all know how hard it is to keep a diary.”

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