my new family~ COMPLETED

well, Eleanor Jones. was happy until her mum died of cancer and her Dad and Older brother got drunk every night. her other older brother left and she was left looking after her baby sister. her Dad and brother beat her every nigh and day. what happens when she has enough and ends up being reunited with her brother who left her and also happens to be in the biggest boy band in the world. (soz its crap, but the story is better)


1. i need to get out

Eleanor's P.O.V: i needed to get out. i had had enough. i grabbed my stuff and ran. i didn't know where to. i just needed to get out. i needed to get away. but he caught me. "didn't think you could get away that easily did you," he hissed in my ear. he was drunk. i started to scream. a brown haired boy saw me. i screamed help. the man started to drag me towards his car by my hair. i saw my brother Dylan and my baby sister charlie in the car. Dylan was smiling. he really hated me. i couldn't do this anymore. I'd had enough. ever since mum died everything had been my fault. i hated it. "DAD NO!" i shouted. then everything went black.

Louis's P.O.V: i heard the girl screaming. she looked about twelve. the man had her up against the car. there were two children in the car a baby and a boy about Harry's age. "DAD NO!" she shouted. so he was her dad. I'd seen all this before. suddenly he hit her head against the car window, smashing it. the hit had knocked the girl out. i shouted at her dad. he ran off. i ran up to the girl and put  her head in my lap. that's when i realised who she was.

Liam's P.O.V: Louis had been gone a while now. i was getting worried. at that moment i got a text from him. 'come quick. I'm outside the park gates' i ran downstairs and out of the house. i immediately saw Louis with a girl in his lap. "LOUIS" i shouted to him. he looked over at me. "Liam we have to help her," he said he was in tears. "we will," i sat down and put my hand on his shoulder. "no you don't understand. she's my sister," he cried. i looked down and saw the resemblance. the hair and the facial features. i lifted her in my arms and headed back to the house.  

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