It’s 2016. Crime rules the city of Greenbrook. And our government is too caught up to care.

But when a mysterious hero turns up at a bank robbery, hope has come. In the name of Sketch.

One girl’s life gets pulled into an everlasting twister as she discovers who this mysterious hero is.

Two Intertwined Destinies
One Life To Change The World

© Playful52

(hey guys! this will take the place of Core. Get ready for some action, my friends!)


1. Chapter 1

To Melody Patrel, the new kid looked different than most kids in the eighth grade. He wasn't ugly, she thought to herself. But he wasn't handsome, either. Melody couldn't pinpoint what made the kid different, standing in front of the whole class at that moment.
"Do you notice anything weird about the new guy?" She whispered, leaning over to one of her best friends, Ally Dakota.

"No. You're imagining it, Melody. Your dad's comic heplop have stuck to your brain." She flipped her hair to the side. "I think he's kinda cute."

"Not until he looks at you, he won't." Her other best friend, July Smith, said. "His eyes are freaky. I think he wears those freaky  contacts that make your eye color different." The boy walked over.

"Why?" She said. The boy  looked right at her. Then she understood. His eyes were a dark orange-amber color, resembling fire. He sat down right in front of Melody.

He was tan, with brown hair that just touched his ears, but fell in his face a bit. The boy had a blue-and-white striped tee-shirt on, and a pair of jeans.

She don't know what his name was. But the boy gave her the creeps, and he felt different than all the rest of the boys that went to Greenbrooke. He's just another boy, Melody thought to herself, What am I so worried about?

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