True loves first kill...

I sat there, nothing but tears were my companion, the heavy woven hay satchel cut into my eyes sending agony to them, steel wire slit slowly into my soft skin, one by one my fingers slit open, a sudden uncomfortable feeling of fear took over my senses. What happens to Haley when her formal best friend returns for revenge...


1. It cant be

I sat there, nothing but tears were my companion, the heavy woven hay satchel cut into my eyes sending agony to them, steel wire slit slowly into my soft skin, one by one my fingers slit open, a sudden uncomfortable feeling of fear took over my senses. I could feel the blood slowly drip down my sweaty forehead; I couldn’t feel my wrists anymore and my heart felt like it was pounding two-hundred miles an hour. My eyes were shut and the darkness was like a black hole my fear was drawing me further and further in…there was no escaping it. I lay there in silence, remembering all the memorable times I had with my loving family and all the laughs I had with my closest friends, the ones I knew I would never lay my eyes on again. My train of thought broke as I heard the rattling of the van door open, as a palm grabbed my frozen arms that felt paralysed from distress, fear and sorrow. My eyes beginning to fill with tears again and my whole life flashing before my eyes as I was placed in a wooden chair with splinters that are dug into my skin, I’m thrown onto them and tied up with the same rope used for my hands.  “It was pretty courageous of you to volunteer yourself instead of your friends” his voice was course and it’s like from it you could see his sly grin…but I knew that voice…was it possible that it was him? It couldn’t be… I haven’t seen him in three years…how did he find me…. Why is he here?

“M-Mat?” I stuttered,

“Hello Haley, I see you remember my voice”

“How could I forget, you were a monster that ruined my life”

“Tisk, Tisk, Tisk, Still the same old Haley with the same old attitude”

“You knew nothing about me and never will!”

 “Oh but I did my sweetie, I knew I was your best friend for six years, we had the laughs, the fun and the smiles. He would have been with me every day if you weren’t so careless! Don’t you realise, I never got to see my father after that! He was the reason I lived most days and it’s your fault he’s gone! Now you will never see your whole family again and you can feel the pain and horror I had to go through!” he ripped the sack off my head and I saw that face that scarred me my whole life and always will. His Blonde locks with that straight short fringe covering his icy blue eyes, they were deep almost tricking you into becoming lost in them, but all that really filled them was nothing short of hatred and as I eyed him up and down I saw something that got my heart racing… he slowly placed ran his hand on the inside lining of his jacket and partly took out what seemed to be a metallic object, but with closer observation I soon came to see that it was a sharpened knife, a vivid smirk on his face appeared  as he chuckled saying “So…did you miss me?”


“P- Please I didn’t mean to…it was an accident and I never knew, after that you disappeared and I never saw you or any of your family again. I would have comforted you and done anything to support all of you.”

“Well then I guess that clears everything up…” My face lifted with joy until he shouted “But my father isn’t back is he….NO!” He lifted his hand from behind him and I shut my eyes, my whole life flashing before me as I was prepared to feel the blade scrape through my skin and straight into my body.  My heavy eyes were closed for longer than I expected but I didn’t raise my hopes too quickly as the last time I did I had a blade aimed straight at me. So I shut them tighter and waited longer. But all I could feel was the relief of having the excruciating steel rope around me taken off. I heard shouts and yells but throughout all that I kept my eyes sealed I couldn’t bear to see what the reasons for the screams were. Were they pain? Celebration for the fact that my life was about to end? Or was it just Matt flattering himself that his lifelong goal of finishing off my existence was nearly achieved?

      The satchel fell back onto my face taking me back to the black hole of fear…the one I dreaded, but I would much rather see nothing than stare straight into the eyes of my fears. I didn’t know if it was my hero in shining armour, or matt dragging me to another location to end this horror. I was carried off my feet and I could tell this person was running because I could feel the wind entering the tiny holes in the sack. Whoever was carrying me had great endurance cause we had been running for what felt like a very long time and I could feel his warm puffs of breath on my neck, he lay me down on what felt like a patch of grass, this definitely wasn’t Matt I would have been handled more roughly….who was it?

“We should be safe here” said the voice as light slowly shone into the small holes in the satchel as he uncovered my face.  His voice sent tingles up my spine, not in the eerie way Matt’s did but in a comforting reassuring way. There in front of me glaring into my eyes was my hero. His hazel eyes looking into mine and his ebony hair swaying in the wind, his left hand was bruised and had a deep scar, his other hand had my head resting on it.


“Hey” Charlie was my best friend; he has been ever since Matt left three years ago, he was always there for me and was really close with my family, he knew everything about me and I knew everything about him. “Your arm” he said in shock, I looked down at my arm that was bleeding from the splinters in the chair that were dug into my skin.


“Hold on” he took off his shirt revealing his toned chest and tore his shirt; he made a bandage and wrapped my arm in it. “There, that should stop the blood flowing until we get medical help” I was speechless and I had so many questions running through my mind like how did he find me? What was going on when my eyes were shut? And how did I never see that my best friend could possibly be my saviour?

“I didn’t need you to help me” I said winking at him,

“I could tell, the fact that you had a knife being held up to your neck showed that my rescue wasn’t necessary”

 I giggled “but how? How did you find me?”

“When we were at the party I could see him eying you the whole time and I didn’t know whether he was a friend or just a stranger. I figured out it was definitely a stranger since he hadn’t talked to you the whole time and he isn’t in our grade. So when he kept following you I kept following him and when he grabbed your arm and ran into the van I jumped into the car and drove after him.”

“Thank you, I thought it was the end for me and when I shut my eyes I was positive it was for the last time… what was happening when I had closed my eyes?

“It’s a pleasure, after all you are my annoying best friend, and you know the usual just beat them up and carried you out” he replied

“You? Beat them up? You couldn’t hurt a fly” he chuckled “I can go take you back if you want and you can show me how you ‘don’t need my help’”

“I’m good thanks” I tittered.

“Come on” he said helping me up

“Your parents must be worried sick”


“What’s wrong?” my foot must have gotten caught when they dragged me out of the van “My foot, I can’t walk on it”

“Oh um… here jump on I’ll give you a piggy back”


“Here I’ll carry you home”

“but your hand, its bruised plus ill just call mum and she will just send a car for us” when I try calling mum I find out that my phone must have fallen out in the van “I don’t have my phone” I said

“Here use mine” he replied. I dialled mum’s number but it just beeped…no signal “there’s no signal” i gave Charlie his phone back

“There is still the piggyback offer?”

“It’s alright I should be able to walk now” I stumbled as I was talking and he smirked at me “so a piggyback sounds like a good idea” I shrugged innocently from where I fell onto the ground. He shook his head, leant down and carried me onto his back like as if I was as light as air.


He slowly set me on a few rocks; we had been walking for what felt like twenty minutes. He checked his phone and it read 11:36pm, the party would have finished a little over half an hour ago and Charlie’s phone still doesn’t have any signal. “We are going to have to stay overnight” he said, I looked around us but all I could see was the woods and no houses in sight. My eyes started welling up with tears but as I lifted my hand to wipe them away, he swiped his thumb across my cheek wiping them for me. “Hey, everything is going to be okay” he said staring into my eyes, just from the look in his eyes I knew everything would be alright and he would protect me from anything.

“Thanks” I said with a yawn

“You already tired? Come on sleeping beauty we better head off to bed…wherever bed is.” I giggled just as a gush of wind passed by and Charlie visibly shivers, I looked up at him as I remembered his shirt was wrapped around my arm.

 “I’m sorry I forgot that you didn’t have shirt on you must be frozen!” he smiled at me

“Don’t worry about it, at least you have a nice view” he winked and gestured for me to climb back on to his back.

“Well what are you waiting for? I’m not nocturnal like you.”

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