another world (one direction/ed sheeran fan fic) :p

quinn is a 17 year old girl that get raped and abused by her father.her mom died 4 months earlier. she finally runs away and a friendly stranger takes her in.....that stranger turned out to be Simon Cowell.


1. running away

I could hear him coming down the hall. i knew what what would happen next. I ran to my closet and waited for him to leave the room.

"Mason where are you? Get in here!"He yelled.

 I held my hand over my mouth.Tears were running down my face.He walked out of the room and slammed the door.I ran and opened the window.I jumped out but fell about 2 feet from the ground. oww that hurt! I was on the ground holding my knee when i heard the front door open.

I jumped up and started to run. "Mason get back here!!" He yelled and started running after me. I finally reached an alley and hid behind a dumpster.I heard him run past me.I just sat there.I couldnt go any were else until morning so i tried to go to sleep.

I was finnaly free! My mom died 2 months ago leaving me with my step-dad. I never liked him. He scared me. After she died he started abusing me and raping me...But that was all over now. I can start over now. so...hi my names mason. Im 17 years old. I live in london. i have blonde hair and blue eyes.

i finally fell asleep after 30 minuites.

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