Deep in need

Taylor is living the lowlife, the hard life. Her mother comes home with abusive boyfriends and is never sober. The help she needs comes from a ceratin boy, a boy she never thought excisted.


2. He found me

Taylor's P.O.V. I woke up in a hospital, and heard a gasp come from the room. "Hello, Taylor, how are you feeling?" I ignored the voice, only combing my long wavy thick blonde hair. I brushed my fingers along the sheets on my bed, noticing the tiny stitching and the creamy color. "You have cut yourself, if you don't remember, but a young man named Neal, err Niall was luckily in the city and found you." My eyes widened, but then i calmed down. Thoghts were racing through my mind. Did he really love me? Did he really care about my life? And then came the rage blowing through my head. "We are so glad you didn't die." spoke the doctor. "I WANTED TO DIE! I WANT TO DIE WHY CAN'T I DIE?" "Calm down Taylor, you'll be alright. I saw Niall through the window, he looked devastated in what i had just said. The doctor told me i was on Suicide Watch, like i could care less. I saw Niall walk through the door, just as the lanky doctor had left. "Ni-Niall?" He ignored me and his lips were soon on mine, kissing me passionately. My lips moved in sync with his, and i felt the fireworks explode in my body. "Did i prove you wrong about loving you?" Niall asked. "Yes you did." I smiled. I noticed my cellphone lying on the table, and i reacheed over to grab it. A incoming call flashed onto the screen, and i instantely answered it, suspicion flooding into me. "Hello Taylor, its Jamie."

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