Deep in need

Taylor is living the lowlife, the hard life. Her mother comes home with abusive boyfriends and is never sober. The help she needs comes from a ceratin boy, a boy she never thought excisted.


1. Cuts

Taylors P.O.V. I let the jagged razor slide across my tanned skin, the blood trickling down my arm. I sighed in relief, the pain hurt more then my life. I walked into my small bathroom, and let my arm wash under the faucet. I bandaged up the cut, it was where no one could ever see it. Suicidal thoughts came into my mine, but they quickly vanished. I wondered if life would be better on the Other Side, where my mother wouldn't be able to catch me. "Taylor, get your arse down here and clean up Jason's and I's mess!" my mother screamed. I heard the glass bottles smash against the worn out white walls, and cackling laughter eroding from my mothers mouth. I couldn't call her mother, I would call her by her real name, Jamie. I quickly ran down the stairs and saw the shining pieces of glass all over the kitchen floor. "Lets play, hit the dolphin." slurred Jamie. She called me any animal type when she was drunk, and always tried to throw beer bottles at me. I ran upstairs, and hid in my closet. I already had a bag packed, including all my beautiful clothing shoes and makeup, 5000 dollars in cash that i saved up and my drivers licencse. My razor was stuck deep in the pocket of the suitcase, just incase i needed it. I had been planning this day for 8 months now, just when my dad had passed. This is why Jamie is a achoholic. I got the lacy pink suitcase and quitely snuck out the window. It was dark and foggy outside, my only hope was to hide somewhere. Luckily, my mother was to drunk to notice i was gone. I walked down the endless road, only stopping to take a rest. I remembered the bottle of water i had, so i crouched down to unzip my bag. I pulled out the lukewarm spring water, and let the water pour down my throat. I felt my dried tongue moisten and stuffed the bottle in Jamies to small aeropostal jacket i was wearing. I jammed my hands into my jean pockets and noticed my phone was in there. I pulled it out, i had been looking for it. The IPhone was pink and cracked, but it worked. The only apps i had were the ones it came with. I called the only number i had, Niall's, the person on tour. Niall was my bestfriend and still is, but then he went on XFactor and is 19 now, whereas I'm 18. I had a slight crush on him, but now that he is famous he could have any girl he wanted. I got out of my daydream to date him as i heard his voice drum through my ears. "Hello? Is that you Tay?" I ended the call just as i said, "I love you Niall, but i can't live in this world anymore. I have always loved you, I've fallen for you but now i know that you don't like me, brings tears to my eyes. Please don't come after me, i have needed deep help but no one has came to rescue me." "TAY I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED YOU, DON'T!"I disconnecteed the call and pulled the razor from my bag letting the blood pour out of my wrist. I felt dizzy, and then i blacked out.

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