Simon's Secret Daughter (Niall Horan)

Her mom has a secret; a secret that she's kept to herself all though Beau's life. Tremendous secrets are added to Beau's life that will breakdown her walls but she will slowly rebuild them with all her effort and force. Secrets are one thing but lying is another, adding Simon Cowell to the picture won't help at anything. But secrets will get reviled and death in a flash. But one thing is for sure, somethings are not what they seem.


1. prologue

The soft sound of pitter patter of rain hitting against the tiny glass window as no sunlight shine through unlike most days when the sun shines through. The comfort enveloping my body in waves of heat. Prying my fingers out into the cold air, rapping them around the edge of the comforter before tugging it up to my chin and burring my face into the warmth. Breathing in the familiar scent of home, the one place everyone will always remember.

My greatest memory of home is the day I found out my best friend, Summer, was moving in with me and mom. But I was 6 at the time, and didn't really know what was happening. I now, fully understand why she did move in, her parents died in a train incidence. She moved in right away, I remember being the happiest kid in the whole world. Me and Summer where always glued by the hip, we would never leave each other's side in less needing to go to the bathroom and such. But other than that, nope. We had over a hundred sleep overs a year, we spent the summer at each others houses for a long periods of time before going to the other's house. I was pretty close with her brother, Elmer, but that was before he went to jail for selling drugs and stealing. I was an only child, I got lonely at times when Summer was at her Grandparents house or out of the country, so I would just spend my time outside kicking around a soccer ball around the backyard until she got back. My life was pretty boring up until now.

Over that last few years I learned to play acoustic guitar as well as write wonderful artist wearily songs. Well, Summer on the other hand learned the piano from mother. On rainy days we would always spend our time in the music room playing and writing new songs before performing them to mother. It soon became a tradition. Mother was very proud of us and ever time she would tell us that one day we'll be singing in arenas, but we just told her that it would never happen. Now, that I think about it, you really should always listen to your mother no matter what because the next second she could be dying.

My life seemed perfect and everything, but really it wasn't. I never knew my father's name or anything about him. I would ask mom everyday but I got the same reply 'I wish I could tell you, really dear. But I can't. He doesn't even know about you' after awhile I stopped asking completely. I gave up, on waiting for him. Everyday after school I would go and sit in the living room, watch out the window waiting for him. For hours on end. I soon got jealous of all the other kids at school, their father's coming and picking them up from school everyday. Well, I on the other hand, just stood there with tears in my eyes as I watch the other kids in hope dad will come running out of nowhere and saying he was back from where ever he was. But that never happened. I suffered throughout my childhood without a father but I didn't really mind.

I soon graduated from Elementary and soon began High School with the same hopes deep down in my heart. I did get bullied for being fat, ugly, and a slut, and ect. Summer, helped me through it but I did end up cutting my wrists and hips as well as starve myself. I ended up weighing 100 pounds by the end of the year, everyone noticed and began calling me a toothpick, stick. After a while of getting hated and trying to stand up to them, me and Summer ended up leaving the High School and moving to a different city for mom's work. I was glad for once in my life. The scares never faded, they reminded me each and everyday of what happened. The memories and voices flouted my memory every once and a while before they completely left me. I did end up opening up to two people in my life; Summer and Mrs. Mayfield a sweet old hearted lady in her late 70's. She told me stories every time I went over to visit. The stories where about her childhood and how she meet her husband. Her husband, Miles, died in the second world war. I was in tears when she told me this. But she still told me more and more. The more I lost interest in the world around me. She was like my own grandmother. She grew on me.

My life was great until now, everything ended in a split second. Some secrets are just left unknown. For me to know and you to find out, they say.


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