Michel is dead. He died at the age of sixteen but doesn't know why. He is not a ghost, a zombie and he is definitely not an angel. In this afterlife he lives in, the soul is only bound to the earth. Those who have died cant breath, eat or sleep. All they can do is watch the people around them die.
The number one rule of the afterlife is that you can not interfere with the living. The dead, are dead and cant even touch people, all they do is go right through them, but how come when a girl walks in the middle of the street and car is coming straight for her, how did Michel push her out of the way?


1. Not an Angel

 What happens when we die? Do we go up to some holy place filled with clouds and halos? No. There is no pearly white gate that leads us to a “better place”, there is no freeing of the soul. The soul is bound to the earth, almost chained to watch people go through their lives and die, finally becoming what we are. This is NOT purgatory, though some souls find it better to think that way, to hope that something better is going to happen. But some of us know the truth that we are just drifting souls watching people we may or may not know die.

For me, I have been dead for exactly one year, two weeks and three days. It happened to me when I was only sixteen years old, which means I keep this immature body that I died in. It all happened so fast, one minute I was skateboarding in the street with my friends and the next. Nothing. I don’t know how or why I died, but all I know is that I hate how my so called life is now. I can’t do anything. No eating, sleeping, not even breathing. You can call us whatever you want to, zombies, ghosts, or even demons. But, don’t you dare call us angels, because there is nothing heavenly about dying.

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