New Beginning



1. Painful

The smell of the hospital crept up my nose as we entered my room. Everything was a soft shade of white. I felt safe.

I was nervous about doing this, I knew it was going to hurt. 

With every contraction I felt my back getting tenser, the time was close. Soon we would have a baby. I didn't know what gender it was, I wanted to find out after. I was so excited.

The time between each movement was getting closer and closer until they were one after the other.

''Call the midwife now.'' I told him sternly. He quickly ran out the room and was back in a few seconds with her. Everyone else was waiting in the waiting room. 

I was only aloud one person in the labor room with me.

''It's okay'' He whispered over and over while rubbing my back and tucking my hair behind my ears.

I kept breathing in and out heavily. I felt so weird. It was surreal.

I couldn't talk, I felt like I had to concentrate on what I was doing. The only responses I could give was a nod or a shake of the head.

Then the pain started to kick in; and boy did it hurt.

My breathing started to quicken as the midwife guided me from the end of the room back to my bed. She called in some other nurses to help with the delivery.

I took his hand and held it as tightly as I could. I couldn't let go. I needed him to be with me every step of the way.

I felt my whole body starting to get hot and I could feel my face starting to become blushed. This was it. 

Push after push.

Scream after scream.

It had been three hours...

''Come on, one more'' A deep voice said as he squeezed my hand back. 

I felt tired and dizzy. I had to keep trying.

''Push Anna, push'' His deep voice kept repeating. My body was numbed by the drugs but I was still so aware of what was happening. I squeezed his hand tightly as I gave one last, big push. 

''Well done, You've done it, congratulations'' I hear the midwife exclaim. A weak smile crawled across my sweaty, hot face. Finally.

I looked up and saw his huge smile grinning down on me. He lent down to my lips and gave me a soft kiss. I was too weak to kiss him back.

''Well done... Princess''

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