a shadow...

blurb: about a shadow


1. the start

This is a story. A shocking story. A weird story. The story of finding things I didn’t know about me. Weird things my parents didn’t know. Spooky, scary and good things at the same time. The things that complete me. Everything about me you will find out but I must warn you this is a scary story. It still creeps me out thinking about it. It gives me night mares.  Scares me when I hear one word.  I see images play in my mind making me wake up screaming. My parents don’t know about what happened. I told them that day I was just at a friends house that day. The dreams I say it is because of mu brothers alien action figure (yes he loves sci-fi and doctor who and we share a room as we have 2 rooms and one is for my mum and dad. My brother doesn’t want to damage them so he puts them on my side of the room. He is 14 and has action figures of aliens. He is so childish) stares at me and I dream that it is going to chase me , follow me and try to eat me. That scares me more. This is important and can help you. Before you hear the story, you need to know about me.


MY name is Elena. I am 12. I live in kent near a small forest. I live in bexley. I don’t live in a house.  I live in a 2 bedroom flat ( it is so tiny. I have no privacy. I have the part the size as the box).  We don’t own it, we rent it as mum doesn’t have sturdy jobs.

I have one brother who is now 16.  He works as an intern for a huge sci-fi show. He brings coffee, takes down minutes and he says his opinions (They just want a sentence of what he thinks they should do on the show. No he writes a whole script, makes models of new alien creatures and makes a whole animation.) When he leaves school, he has a place on the writing team because of all his hard work. He told me last week when they told him. He is a student at my school as well. I am 12  he is 16 and my friend likes him! Not as a friend likes him, as in wants to date him likes him. I just have 2 more years with him. Not as a friend He is in his gcse year and is taking English. He writes loads of sci-fi storys and plays.


My mum found are house. It used to be her old cleaner ,when she was little, house. She showed it to us when she found out that she was selling it. At the moment , my mum is working as a nurse at my school. She works as lots of different things. She has worked at nursing for at least 5 years. She Since I started this school , she managed to get the job at my school. It is nice having her there.

My dad works for charities. He doesn’t make any money. He works for free at the local care home. He has had loads of volunteer awards. I love how he is a great man and cares for other people.

So now you should no about me. I am a year 8 pupil. My favourite subject is drama. One day I want to be an actor. My dad says that one day I could be in my brothers show. I could because I would get loads of people wanting to get me on some of their shows. I would get famous and my brother was promised a writing spot on it. He said he would get me a special part a main part. He wants me to be the new lead women. Her name will be alice.

So that is it about me and hear is the story.  

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