The Day I Met One Direction...

(Y/N)Gets Through to the X-Factor Finale....although she doesn't win there is an even better prize that send her in the right direction :)


1. The X-Factor Final

As I sat in my dressing room ready to be called on stage, I pressed shuffle on my iPod and One Direction 'I Would' came on as I began to sing along. "5 Minutes (Y/N)" called out the stage directors. As I stood just behind the door to the stage, a rouge boy bumped into me, causing me to fall "Oi! Watch it Will You!" I screamed at him-but he had already turned to leave. I only got a glimpse of his brown curls that fell across his face.My palms felt sweaty as I heard Dermot O'Leary call out My name. 'This is it (Y/N) dont mess it up' I Thought to my self;my body shaking with fear. Then I Began to Sing.

Yes, I did it!As I walked off stage Dermot Spoke into the Camera telling the people at home it was time for a break. Thank god. I sat down in my dressing room, once again, and noticed 5 Boys running past. I heard voices and seemed to recognise them- I was thinking about going out to see what they were doing but I was to busy preparing for the results. "Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen" Dermot Chanted to the audience with a uproar of cheers that followed. "Now Before we take a look at those most important results, we have a special act for you tonight-with 64 awards under their belts, I Give You ONE DIRECTION!"

They Sounded Even better live than on their CD. As their song neared the end-thousands of girls across the country screamed(including me). Then they walked off stage and back to there dressing room. Which just so happened to be opposite mine. 'Id better talk to them-or would I just be another fan?No this is different, I can talk to them as a fellow musician. Yes I Will go over there right now and talk to them' I Said to myself. But before I could make it out the door Dermot's voice piped up again "Please can (Y/N) and Joshua Hank make there way to the stage- its time!"

"And so after 10 long  weeks of tears, laughter and drama. We are left with two contestants. And So the 2013 X-factor winner is...Joshua Hank!" My Body froze. It wasn't me? I couldn't say anything all. So I just left the stage. When reached my dressing room I burst into tears. I must have been crying loudly as about a minute later there was a soft knock on the door. I Wiped my eyes and opened the door. 5 rather hot boys stood there. " We came to check if you were okay"Cried one of them. "You still did better than us-I mean we only came 3rd!" Chuckled the another. "And now look at us. Were One Direction!" they all shouted. "Wait One D-" Of course.They had literally turned my frown upside down.

Then Niall and Harry Began to Sing:


Baby You Light Up My World Like No-Body else, The way That You Flip Your Hair Gets me Overwhelmed,  But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell you, You Dont know, Oh, Oh You Dont know Your beautiful.
I Think my Heart stopped. I felt like the devil stood next to Them all. They sang like Angles. We stood there in an awkward silence for about 2 Minutes until Louis spoke up saying "So Whats Your name?" I took a step back-why would they want to know, Isure they have better things to do than speak to me. But i replied anyway "(Y/N)" a smile spread across each of their faces, then Zayn began to say "Could I have your number?"   After All the drama today, I was not expecting this. Then each of them in turn replied saying "Ah yeah give it to me to!" And then as though as it had been practised they all winked at me. Simultaneously. "Um, yeah Sure" I grabbed a pen and a scrap of paper and wrote down my digits.    Later on that night I checked my phone only to realise i had 5 new messages:   'Vas happenin'? Lots of Bradford Love DJ Malik xxxx'   'Miaow, Purr... Hazza Here Babe xxxx'   'Is this Susan Boyle?No, Well Are You a carrot?No Again Shame :( Joking (Y/N), I Know its you xxx'   'Before we talk, lets make sure that there are no spoons lying about-Okay?Love Papa Direction xxx'   'Hey (Y/N) Hows its going?We should make plans for nandos some time :) Nialler xxx'   I Didnt sleep that Night...
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