Every Day Counts

Every day counts, when you are in that life or death experience, how would YOU feel?


1. Every Day Counts

Life is short.  When you are in that life or death experience, nothing else matters.  You just think about all the stuff that you wanted to do in life, that you haven’t had the chance to do.  It just comes rushing in, all the places you wanted to see, all the books you wanted to read, and your future.  Your future, the one thing you will never experience. 

All of this is what comes to your mind when you are about to die.  A human life is delicate, like a porcelain doll, or a glass vase.  It’s like your life hangs on a string dangling from the evil grasp of Death himself, but one day, Death cuts the string, and it snaps, sending you tumbling into no more.

It’s whenever you hear the screech of car brakes that time slows down.  Death lingers behind you, sniggering as he watches your distress.  His deadly remote control clutched tightly in his gnarled hand.  He presses the STOP button, revelling in the panic of everyone around you, especially yours. 

Everything just stops for a second, and you turn around to see your killer coming at break neck speed towards you.  It is slow as you watch the driver desperately brake.  Then the fast forward button is pressed.  It all happens so fast. 

You shut your eyes, hearing only the sound of your heartbeat, your heart, tired of being caged by your ribs, bursts free, th-thumping its way to your ears, to your very soul.  The wind sings you a lullaby, trying to calm you, but the breeze it brings with its kindly tone makes everything sharp and cold.  The incoming monster ever closer shoves at the air hard, bringing a gust straight at you, sending your hair, and your panicking heart into a frenzy.

You scream, letting the sound echo and drown in the sea of other voices, calling, yelling for help, for the driver to stop.  Your legs tremble, your heart beats faster.  Once again Death presses STOP, and lets you look around at the panicking faces of people you don’t even know.  Why do they even care?  You’re not that important, surely, you think, but this is Death, speaking to you, trying to make your last few moments miserable.

PLAY is pressed and the car is inches from you now, but once again, Death has it on slow mo, giving the wind time to kiss you a cold, fresh goodbye.  The breeze tickles your legs, hugging them tightly in a freezing cold grasp, but you don’t mind.  The rain begins to pour, it is crying for you, for your family and friends.  Thunder rumbles in the distance, a moody farewell, and cold simply grasps your hand, kissing it and letting it go, so you can feel the warmth of heat’s hot tears as he bids you goodbye.

Death presses FAST FORWARD.  There is the car spinning towards you.  You feel the impact of metal on skin. SILENCE.  You open your eyes.


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