among the stars

The 18th year old birhtday of Loren was getting closer. She never imagined what can happen when you follow your dreams, soon it all changed when she met One Direction, her favorite band,and started to fall in love with one of them.


1. introduction

Every girl dreams of a prince charming, the weird thing was that i was almost 18 and i hadn' thought about that. I don' believe in destiny like people describe it, i believe that you make your own destiny. You can´t just find the love of your life sitting at your favorite coffe place, Reading the book you buy in the morning, singing the song that has been stucked in your head all week. Sometimes thinking that gives us the strength to move forward but at some point in your life you'l find out that life is not a farytale. Life can be a beautiful gift but it can also be a nightmare. Luckily mine was beautiful it was like a Romeo and Juliet movie, without all the tragic stuff.

This is why i think what i think.

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