The Unthinkable


1. The Unthinkable

Jenny's P.O.V

“Wakey, wakey” Liam says trying to wake me up quietly.

I woke up and wondered what am I doing in a hospital bed.

“Liam why am I on a hospital bed?”

“ oh, umm, you don’t remember?”

“remember what, should I remember something?”

I quickly looked around then I looked at myself, and remembered that I was 7 months pregnant, but I saw no belly

“ Liam! WHERE'S MY BABY?! ” I shouted

“where is he!!! “ i said starting to tear up


“ Liam!!”

I quickly calmed down.. and just then his mouth opens no words come out

I started to tear up

“babe, don’t cry” he tried to cheer me up

“listen you and Louis were coming back from shopping, and long story short you and lou were in a car accident”

“ what?!” i said shocked 

“yeah” Liam sighs

“but, Liam? wheres my baby?!”

“ I..I..I..I”

“you dont’t what?!!” I shouted

“ I...I...I don’t know.. “ he says with his eyes starting to tear up


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