Electric blue

Clubs had always been the place where Sam Kidson got his pleasure. Seeing all of the models enter the private section, getting so drunk that they could barely stand in their 7 foot high heels. When trying to find the perfect girl for his night, would he know that who he would choose may just put him in direct contact with people he hasn't seen in years. People who could never be seen again, his dead family and friends. Can he work this all out...


1. Sam Kidson

Sam had a... lets say an eventful childhood. The older brother to twin sisters, Jessy and Beth, and a single brother, Jackson. His parents are both the same age of 41, and are from Texas. Growing up on a ranch had it's advantages but also it's downsides.


When out riding with his siblings, 13 year old Sam witnessed the death of 6 year old Jessy who was thrown from her horse. He had a strange feeling then, as he watched it happen. He wanted to do something so badly, but never managed to do so. This was the time his parents started to hate his very existence.


A year later, the anniversary of his sisters death he had spent the entire week at his grandparents. No phone calls to see how he was, even before he had to leave his parents didn't talk to him. No hugs and kisses for when he left. That's when the other call came. 


He learned that both his parents and remaining sister had died in the car accident. It was a head on collision, the impact alone would have put them in a critical conditions. Beth had died instantly, her mother dying minutes later. His father though managed to survive for as long as it took Sam to enter the hospital and watch the smile on his fathers face fade too fast than what he wanted. It was only him and his brother from then on.


It was when Sam hit his early twenties that his life spiralled downhill. He had just got over his parents death a few months ago and never seemed to be able to think that they were the only things that kept him sane. He would always be able to see his parents faces at night, hear them talk to him when he lay in bed staring at the ceiling. The sheets laying over his torso, the smile on the girls face after his night with her. Of course he would leave the house before she woke and leave to the top of the hill in the park and think of them.


Funny thing is, that he never moved away from all of the memories that he had. The words that were shouted at him, the looks of repulsion from his parents every day. No laughter from him, or even meant for him. He was never wanted, all from a horse that spooked.


Now though, he has one night stands almost every night. Smoking pot and weed, selling it to helpless people. Only his brother... or maybe not. He has not heard from him in months. The only family they have left, well those who want to talk to them anyway. 


It was that time of the week and day, Thursday night 11pm, time to head to the club and pick up one of the women. It would be a normal night tonight... wouldn't it? 

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