Gone not around anymore

What if you know how much time left to live your life when life getting better than ever as you get a job to work with the most famous boy band called One Direction ? It is my pleasure if you interested to read it !! #firstmovellas (sorry for the broken english ) ENJOY


1. story of my life

Helloo there! My name is Bella Anne Riddle. Yea, I know, my last name sounds familiar right? Well what can I say, that's my father name which is my superman in my life. My parents had their divorced when I was 13, I'm having a tough life at that moment since its happend very fast and I'm afraid that things will goes in opposite direction from what it is before. But then, my father made a wise decision with moved out to London and he also bring me along as he said that we're going to start a new life there. I thought that I was just a problem to him, but he always said " Even though your mother left me, it doesn't mean she left everything. Because she left a part of her for me. And that is you.." I cried when he said that because then I know how much I meant to him. He's really the best dad in the universe, I can't imagine how would my life be without him. Weell that's my life 4 years ago. Now I'm a 17 years old girl who sometimes sleep with his father at night since sometimes I felt alone. (Not that kind of sleep okay ! )
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